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## Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A Heartrending Tale

Heading 3: Where to Find Razorclaw Crab and Ironshell Crab in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a cooking system where players can collect ingredients and create various recipes. Two useful ingredients in the game are the Razorclaw Crab and Ironshell Crab, which can be used in seafood-type recipes. Here, we will discuss the best locations in Tears of the Kingdom to find and catch these crabs.

The best place to farm Razorclaw Crabs is on the southern coast of the Lanayru Bay, just north of the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. Players can use the tower to launch into the sky and then glide north to reach the beach at coordinates (3876, -0674, 0001). In this area, players can typically find small groups of Razorclaw Crabs, usually around six or seven at a time.

Razorclaw Crabs have a blue-green shell, making them easily distinguishable from other crabs. Another location to find Razorclaw Crabs is the northern coast of Lanayru Bay, around coordinates (3998, -0467, 0000). Here, players will find a wide beach where they can catch a few more of these crabs. Additionally, the stone islands in the area are great for collecting Ironshell Crabs. The nearby waters may also occasionally have Mighty Porgy, which can also be used in recipes to increase attack power.

While the beaches along Hyrule’s seas can also yield both types of crabs, they are often expansive and have fewer spawning points compared to the coasts of Lanayru Bay. It is worth noting that players can also find some crabs on the shores of Eventide Island, but it is recommended to have unlocked the Marari-In Shrine and fast travel before heading there.

Both the Razorclaw Crab and Ironshell Crab have their uses in cooking recipes. Cooking Razorclaw Crabs without any other status-affecting ingredients will result in meals that boost attack power when consumed. The effect and duration of the attack power buff can be increased by including more Razorclaw Crabs in the recipe. These crabs are also required to upgrade the Barbarian Armor set.

On the other hand, Ironshell Crabs can be used in recipes to create “Tough” meals, which increase Link’s defense for a limited duration when consumed. Including more Ironshell Crabs in the recipe will extend the duration of this buff. Some helpful crab recipes include Salt-Grilled Crab, Crab Stir-Fry, and Crab Risotto, with the specific buffs depending on the type of crab used.

In summary, finding Razorclaw Crab and Ironshell Crab in Tears of the Kingdom can be done along the coasts of Lanayru Bay, particularly the southern and northern shores. These crabs can be used in different recipes to provide different buffs to Link’s abilities.


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