What We Know So Far About Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail Expansion

## All the Details Unveiled About Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail Expansion So Far


– The 2023 Las Vegas Fan Fest unveiled a teaser trailer for the fifth expansion of Final Fantasy 14, called Dawntrail, which will feature themes of discovery and vibrant adventures in a new environment.
– The expansion will take place in the continent of Tural, a colorful and culturally rich location that serves as the main setting.
– Players will encounter various races, tribes, and a new allied tribe called the Pelupelu.
– Dawntrail will introduce new zones, dungeons, and trials.
– The expansion will also bring a graphical update for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with enhanced lighting, shadows, and reflections.
– New system requirements, including recommended graphics cards, may apply.

The New World of Tural and Its Golden Secrets

– The continent of Tural will be the main setting for the Dawntrail expansion, located southwest of Vylbrand.
– Tural is home to various races, tribes, and cultures, drawing inspiration from Mesoamerica.
– Tuliyollal, the gilded capital city, will serve as Dawntrail’s main player hub.
– The Mamool Ja, a lizard-like race, and the Pelupelu, a bird-like race, will be prominent tribes in Tural.
– Players will do quests for the new allied tribe, the Pelupelu, after the release of Dawntrail.

Discovering New Sights and Facing New Threats

– The main story of Dawntrail will take players to new zones with different challenges and environments.
– Yoshida stated that Yok Tural would be a major region within Tural with various forms of plant life.
– The mountainous Urqopacha and the rainforest of Yak T’el are among the new zones.
– New dungeons and trials, including the serpentine Esper Valigarmanda, will be introduced.

The Graphical Update and New PC System Requirements

– Dawntrail will mark Final Fantasy 14’s first major graphical update for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S users.
– Changes to lighting, shadows, and reflections will enhance the graphics.
– The graphics update will not be available on the PS4 version.
– The Xbox Series X/S version will support 4K resolution and have fast load times.
– New system requirements, including recommended graphics cards, will be introduced.

Two New Jobs and The New Level Cap

– The level cap will increase by 10 in Dawntrail, reaching level 100.
– Each job will receive new abilities and changes to previous ones.
– Two new jobs, one melee DPS and one caster DPS, will be introduced.
– The identities of the new jobs have not been revealed, but hints suggest the melee DPS job will wear Scouting armor.

Future Plans

– Yoshida plans to keep Final Fantasy 14 going for at least two more expansions.

Overall, the Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy 14 will bring new adventures in the colorful continent of Tural, with new zones, tribes, and challenges. The graphical update will enhance the game’s visuals, and new system requirements may apply. Additionally, two new jobs and a level cap increase are expected. Yoshida has plans to continue expanding Final Fantasy 14 in the future.


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