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Vampyr Basic Guide, Tips, FAQs, Appendix, Walkthrough, Strategy

Vampyr Basic Guide, Tips, FAQs, Appendix, Walkthrough, Strategy

Vampyr Basic Guide:

  1. Embrace or Spare: As a vampire, you have the choice to embrace or spare the lives of the NPCs you encounter. Each decision has consequences, affecting the world and its districts.
  2. Combat and Abilities: Engage in melee combat using various weapons and vampire abilities. Upgrade your abilities by gaining experience points and leveling up.
  3. Dialogue and Investigations: Interact with NPCs through dialogue trees. Gather information and clues to progress the story and uncover the secrets of London.
  4. Health and Blood: Manage your health and blood levels. Blood is used to activate vampire abilities and heal. Feed on NPCs to replenish blood, but be mindful of the consequences.
  5. District Health and Pillars: Each district has its own health status. Interact with the NPCs, complete quests, and make decisions to maintain or restore district health. The pillars represent key NPCs in each district.
  6. Crafting and Collecting: Collect materials and components to craft new weapons, ammunition, and other items. Explore the world thoroughly to find valuable resources.
  7. Rest and Leveling Up: Rest at hideouts to level up and distribute experience points to enhance your abilities. Choose upgrades that suit your preferred playstyle.
  8. Exploration: Explore the atmospheric and interconnected streets of London. Discover hidden areas, side quests, and collectibles that enrich the game’s lore.
  9. Hint System: Activate the “Hint System” in the options menu if you want additional guidance and prompts during gameplay.
  10. Save Regularly: Save your game often, especially before making important decisions or entering combat situations.


  1. Feed Strategically: Consider the consequences of feeding on NPCs. Killing key NPCs can result in a district’s collapse and affect the overall story.
  2. Investigate Thoroughly: Speak with NPCs multiple times to exhaust all dialogue options and gather clues. This can provide additional insight and open up new quest paths.
  3. Upgrade Key Abilities: Focus on upgrading your preferred vampire abilities to make combat encounters easier and more effective.
  4. Manage District Health: Pay attention to the health status of each district. Complete side quests, heal sick NPCs, and interact positively with the community to keep the district healthy.
  5. Listen to Hints: NPCs often drop hints about their secrets or the world’s lore. Carefully listen to their conversations to uncover hidden information.
  6. Strategic Combat: Use dodge and parry mechanics to avoid damage during combat. Learn enemy attack patterns and time your own attacks and abilities accordingly.
  7. Crafting Priorities: Prioritize crafting weapons and ammunition that suit your playstyle. Experiment with different weapon types to find what works best for you.
  8. Talk to Citizens: Speak with ordinary citizens to learn about their personal lives and gather hints about their relationships with other NPCs. This information can be useful for various quests.
  9. Use Vampire Vision: Activate your vampire vision to locate hidden items, collectibles, and secrets in the environment.
  10. Balance XP Gain and District Health: Consider the balance between gaining experience points and maintaining district health. Embracing NPCs provides more XP but can harm districts.


  1. Are there multiple endings? Yes, Vampyr has multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game.
  2. Can I replay the game with different choices? Yes, you can replay the game with different choices to experience alternative storylines and outcomes.
  3. Is there a New Game+ mode? No, Vampyr does not have a New Game+ mode.
  4. Can I change my abilities later in the game? No, the abilities you choose at the beginning of the game are fixed, but you can upgrade them as you level up.
  5. Can I save all the districts from collapsing? It is possible to save all the districts, but it requires careful management of district health and making difficult decisions.

Appendix/Walkthrough: For a detailed walkthrough and strategy guide, I recommend consulting online resources such as:

  1. Official Game Forums: Visit the official game forums for discussions, guides, and walkthroughs from the community.
  2. Vampyr Wiki: The Vampyr Wiki provides detailed information about quests, characters, and game mechanics: https://vampyr.fandom.com/wiki/Vampyr_Wiki
  3. YouTube: Look for gameplay walkthroughs and guides on YouTube. Many content creators provide comprehensive step-by-step walkthroughs for Vampyr.


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