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Heading 3: How to Fix the War Thunder Fatal Error Exception

The War Thunder fatal error exception is a common issue that players face, which can prevent them from launching the game or interacting with the game window. This error occurs when the game crashes due to problems with the game’s software, including issues with the game files or servers, exiting the game incorrectly, or errors during gameplay.

There are several factors that can cause this error, including outdated software and device drivers, malware on your PC, conflicting background processes, corrupt temporary files, and incompatible hardware configurations. To fix the War Thunder fatal error exception, there are several steps you can take:

1. Pre-checks:
Before trying the solutions below, it is recommended to do the following pre-checks:
– Ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for War Thunder.
– Restart your computer to refresh the system.

2. Delete the local settings folder:
This solution involves deleting the temporary files and data cache that War Thunder stores in its folder. These files may be corrupt or faulty, leading to errors and crashes. To delete the local settings folder, follow these steps:
– Open File Explorer on your PC.
– Navigate to the folder: C:\Program files (x86)\War Thunder\Cache or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\War Thunder\Cache if you are using Steam.
– Select all the files in this folder and delete them.
– Empty your recycle bin and restart War Thunder to see if the error is solved.

3. Update graphics drivers:
Updating your graphics drivers is an easy way to solve fatal errors that cause games to crash. This solution ensures that your PC functions correctly and has the necessary graphics card drivers to run games. To update your graphics drivers, follow these steps:
– Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
– Type devmgmt.msc and click OK to open Device Manager.
– Expand the Display Adapters tab, right-click on the dedicated graphics card driver, and choose Update Driver.
– Select the option to search automatically for drivers and let Windows find and install the latest graphic card drivers on your PC.
– Relaunch War Thunder to see if the error is solved.

Alternatively, you can use a tool like Outbyte Driver Updater to automatically search for and install the latest graphics card drivers on your PC, saving you time and effort.

4. Force stop War Thunder:
Sometimes, War Thunder may keep running in the background even after you close it, causing interference with the game and triggering the fatal error exception. To force-stop War Thunder, follow these steps:
– Right-click the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager.
– Under the Processes tab, find War Thunder, click it, and select End Task.
– Launch War Thunder again to see if the error is solved.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall War Thunder:
If none of the previous fixes work, a clean installation of War Thunder may be necessary. Uninstall the game and then download and install a fresh copy. This will remove any temporary bugs and glitches that may be causing the fatal error exception.

If you still encounter the War Thunder fatal error exception after trying these solutions, it is advised to contact support for further assistance. They will be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps and ensure that your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable.


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