Uncommon EA Games and Their Value: Unveiling the Exclusivity

Unveiling the Rarest EA Games and Their Value | Rare and Expensive EA Games

Electronic Arts (EA) has been a prominent player in the video game industry since the early 90s, thanks to its early start and successful sports games. Over the years, EA has published some major milestones in gaming history, and collectors are willing to pay surprising amounts for complete boxes of the rarest EA games. Here are some of the rarest and most expensive EA games:

1. Magic Candle 2: The Four and Forty: Released between 1989 and 1993, the Magic Candle series developed by Origin Systems had similarities to the Ultima series. Magic Candle 2, in particular, allowed players to import their character from the first game. Despite being overshadowed by other RPG series, the game has its fans among retro RPG players, which contributes to its rarity and high price.

Unveiling the Rarest EA Games and Their Value | Rare and Expensive EA Games

2. John Madden Football (Apple II version): This football game, released in 1988 for the Apple II, was the game that launched EA as a major player in the industry. Unlike its competitors, John Madden Football used a full team of 11 players and simulated details like player fatigue and injuries. The rarity of the original Apple II version makes it a sought-after game for collectors.

3. Fountain of Dreams: Fountain of Dreams was EA’s attempt to recreate the success of Wasteland, an RPG developed by Interplay. However, legal issues led Interplay to develop a new game called Fallout, while EA developed Fountain of Dreams. The game didn’t sell well upon release, but its curiosity factor and association with computer RPG history make it valuable to collectors.

Uncommon EA Games and Their Value: Unveiling the Exclusivity

4. Wasteland: Adventure in Post-Nuclear America: Considered the real origin of the Fallout series, Wasteland took place in a post-apocalyptic world recovering from a nuclear war. The game broke ground with its setting, party mechanics, and persistent world. The rarity of a complete box with the accompanying manual contributes to its high value.

5. Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle: The Silver Seed: This game is part of the Ultima series, and EA’s acquisition of Origin Systems made it an EA publication. The rushed development cycle and the shorter story and length compared to its creators’ intentions make it a rare find. The Silver Seed expansion, which was released shortly after, is especially rare as it was later packaged with the complete edition of both Ultima 7 games.

6. Ultima Online Charter Edition: Ultima Online, an MMORPG released in 1997, offered player freedom and was popular during the early years of online gaming. The Charter Edition, an intentionally limited edition of the game that was only available as a pre-order package, is highly coveted by collectors. With only 10,000 copies printed, it includes a certificate of authenticity.

In conclusion, these rare and expensive EA games represent milestones in gaming history or have unique characteristics that make them valuable to collectors. Whether it is the nostalgia factor, association with popular franchises, or limited availability, these games have become sought-after items in the gaming market. [Source]


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