Trials of God Map Guide

Trials of God Map Guide

Peaks of Time has one of the adventurous modes “Trials of God” mode. Here is a guide for the easy success in this mode of AFK Arena.

All Trials of God Map Stages

You must have  Twin and  Saurus +30 to heal up.


Trials of God Mode in AFK Arena

You can unlock the Trials of God at stages 27-60 and play through the Peaks of Time menu. You can choose different trials before starting the Trials of God.


Choose the trials wisely as all of them have effects ad play their role in making the play difficult.

All the trials have some difficult points and overall if any trial has a greater number of difficult points, that surely will be tough.


The players have the option to reduce the difficulty level but that relates to the final trial level, so move wisely and with proper planning.

You will receive awards based on clearance of the highest trial level.


The Martial Rating of players is used in Trials of God. The level of heroes is set to 240 but they must retain their ascension tier. However, the level of the hero can be increased depending on Resonating Crystal level.

Sadly, the Mercenaries cannot be used in Trials of God at this time but may be in the next update.

Trials of God Video Guides



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