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## Top Video Game Bromances

The Impact of Bromances in Video Games


Video games are known for providing players with captivating stories and memorable characters. While many games focus on epic battles and intense rivalries, some also offer heartwarming friendships that resonate with fans. These bromances, characterized by deep bonds of brotherhood, add an extra layer of emotional depth to gaming narratives. This article will explore four notable bromances in video games and discuss their impact on the gaming community.

1. Cyberpunk 2077: Johnny Silverhand & V

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, V and Johnny Silverhand have a complicated friendship. Their unique situation starts when they end up sharing V’s body and consciousness due to a cybernetic implant called The Relic. Despite their initial conflict, they form an uneasy alliance with the common goal of separating themselves and fixing the Relic. Throughout the game, players witness heartfelt conversations and confrontations between V and Johnny, revealing vulnerability and shared humanity. Their friendship adds emotional depth to the game’s narrative and forces the characters to confront their inner demons and make difficult choices.

2. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Lee & Kenny

The bromance between Lee Everett and Kenny in Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is a source of strength and support for both characters. As they navigate the dangers of a zombie-infested world and protect their loved ones, Lee and Kenny rely on each other. Their shared experiences of loss and grief deepen their connection and foster a brotherly bond. Even after their deaths, their friendship leaves a lasting impact on the series, shaping the story for future characters like Clementine.

3. Disco Elysium: Harry Du Bois & Kim Kitsuragi

In Disco Elysium, the friendship between Harry Du Bois and Kim Kitsuragi develops on a foundation of mutual respect. Harry, a troubled detective with amnesia, finds solace in Kim’s calm and patient demeanor. Despite Harry’s lapses in judgment due to his amnesia, Kim remains patient and appreciates Harry’s unconventional detective strategies. As they navigate the challenges of Revachol, their different approaches converge to form a harmonious partnership. Their deep friendship is showcased in the game’s final scene when Kim defends Harry against accusations, highlighting their strong bond.

4. Detroit: Become Human: Connor & Hank

Connor and Hank start as reluctant partners in Detroit: Become Human. As an android detective, Connor must balance his programming with his growing sense of autonomy, while Hank is skeptical of working with an android. However, as they delve deeper into their investigations and face perilous situations, a connection forms between them. Hank, who had lost his own son in a car crash, sees Connor as a surrogate son and becomes a mentor and emotional support for him. As the story progresses, Hank’s sympathy for the android cause challenges Connor’s understanding of his purpose and humanity.

5. Mass Effect: Captain Shepherd & Garrus Vakarian

Among the Mass Effect series, the bromance between Captain Shepherd and Garrus Vakarian is legendary. Garrus, a member of Shepherd’s crew, quickly becomes a close friend and confidant. He seeks Shepherd’s advice and respects their opinion, which influences his decisions throughout the sequels. Their bond solidifies in Mass Effect 2 and 3, and they often reminisce about past missions and express their friendship. Garrus remains a constant companion for Shepherd, staying with the Normandy crew in each game entry. Their bromance has had a significant impact on the fanbase, with players falling in love with their epic bond.


These bromances in video games have shaped the fanbase of their respective games. The friendships between V and Johnny, Lee and Kenny, Harry and Kim, and Shepherd and Garrus have added emotional depth to the narratives, resonating with players. These friendships show the power of human connection and the impact it can have on characters’ journeys. Players have fallen in love with these characters and their relationships, forging epic bonds that have shaped the world of fiction in video games.


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