Top Soulslike Games for Intense Gameplay

Best Soulslike Games for Aggressive Play

Title: Aggressive Soulslike Games: Embracing Intense Combat and Freedom of Expression


Soulslike games have garnered a dedicated fanbase due to their challenging gameplay and intense combat. In these games, enemies are aggressive and relentless, posing a constant threat to the player’s survival. However, there are certain Soulslike games that reward players who adopt an aggressive playstyle, allowing them to take risks and engage in exhilarating battles. This article explores some of the standout Soulslike games that encourage aggressive gameplay and provide players with the freedom to express themselves through combat.

7. Remnant 2: Embracing Firearms in Aggressive Combat

Remnant 2 stands out as a Soulslike game that incorporates firearms into the genre. Players are equipped with a variety of guns and must employ constant mobility and dodging to survive. Unleashing a barrage of bullets upon unforgiving enemies, players are encouraged to be relentless in their pursuit of victory. Shields are of little use in this game, emphasizing the need for an offensive approach.

6. Final Fantasy 16: Balancing Accessibility and Aggression

Final Fantasy 16 offers an array of accessibility options, allowing players to maintain an aggressive playstyle without the fear of constantly losing their life. The game provides useful support mechanisms such as dashes, well-timed blocks, and powerful weapon strikes. Additionally, players can rely on party members to aid them in battle, enabling them to continuously dish out damage and keep enemies at bay.

5. Nioh 2: Masterful Combat Opportunities and Individual Expression

Nioh 2 may appear overwhelming at first, but once players grasp its mechanics, they can experience a deeply satisfying combat system. The game provides players with a sense of freedom, allowing them to express themselves on the battlefield through various combat options. Engaging enemies aggressively and swinging swords with precision become key strategies, rewarding players who are willing to take risks.

4. The Surge 2: Unleashing the Power of Technology

Armed with a powerful mech suit, players in The Surge 2 enjoy a combat system that emphasizes agility and precision. The game encourages players to wield their mechanical prowess offensively, dismantling enemies with swift and devastating attacks. By embracing persistence and aggression, players can turn the tide of battle and prevail.

3. Lies of P: Encouraging Aggressive Gameplay Through Unique Mechanics

Although not yet released, Lies of P has already demonstrated an encouraging amount of aggressive gameplay in its demo and showcased mechanics. Inspired by Bloodborne, Lies of P features a “health steal” mechanic that rewards players for playing aggressively. The game presents players with a range of weapons and tools to ensure they can maintain their advantage and triumph over challenging foes.

2. Bloodborne: FromSoftware’s Aggressive Masterpiece

As a creation of FromSoftware, Bloodborne deserves recognition for its aggressive gameplay. While similar to Dark Souls, Bloodborne introduces unique mechanics and visuals that set it apart. Players are encouraged to be aggressive and relentless as they control a Hunter. The game rewards players who successfully execute attacks by allowing them to steal health from enemies. With the introduction of dashing, Bloodborne emphasizes an offensive mindset that keeps players engaged and constantly on the offense.

1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Unleashing the Dark Side with Aggressive Gameplay

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players assume the role of Cal Kestis and can experience a rewarding Jedi experience by embracing the Dark Side. The game features multiple Stances that allow players to adopt aggressive playstyles, such as dual-wielding lightsabers. While lacking in defense and blocking capabilities, these Stances enable players to become formidable Jedi Knights that can halt the Empire through relentless and powerful attacks.


Aggressive Soulslike games provide players with the opportunity to engage in intense combat and express themselves through various playstyles. These games reward players who adopt an offensive approach, urging them to take risks and master complex combat systems. Whether through wielding guns, utilizing powerful mechs, or embracing lightsaber combat, aggressive Soulslike games offer players the chance to dominate their enemies and immerse themselves in thrilling battles.


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