Top Endo-Farming Locations

Top Ways to Farm Endo in Warframe

1. Rathuum Arena

– Team up with other players and defeat Grineer foes in Vodyanoi, Yam, and Nakki missions.
– Killing foes has a chance to drop Endo (between 50-80 per drop).
– Bring compatible Warframes like Nekros or crowd-controlling Warframes for better results.

2. Arbitrations

– Challenging missions with increased Endo rewards.
– Requires completion of every Star Chart node.
– Offers rotation C rewards of 1,500 Endo and Ayatan Sculptures for trading.

3. Bounty Rewards

– Level 40-60 Cambion Drift Bounty missions offer a chance to obtain Endo.
– Selling unused Railjack parts from Empyrean missions can also provide Endo.

4. Selling Ayatan Sculptures

– Exchange Ayatan Sculptures at Maroo’s Bazaar for Endo.
– Include Ayatan Stars to increase their value.

5. Tier 3 Excavations

– Per rotation A of Tier 3 Excavations, players have a 25% chance to acquire 400 Endo.
– Also earn other resources and relics.

6. Selling Mods

– Selling duplicate mods obtained from regular missions can provide Endo.
– This method requires little work and is quick.

7. Sorties

– Participating in Sorties offers a chance to win 4,000 Endo from the reward pool.

8. Relay

– Completing Maroos Bazaar relay node offers a simple way to acquire Endo.
– Complete a timed obstacle course to collect Ayatan Treasures.
– Fill the Ayatan Treasures with Ayatan Stars to increase their Endo value.

Top Locations for Endo Farming

Best Ways to Farm Endo in Warframe

Endo is a highly sought-after resource in the Warframe gaming ecosystem, as it is essential for enhancing a player’s power. In the end phase of the game, optimizing builds becomes crucial, and having enough Endo is paramount to ensure continuous improvement in strength. Here are the best ways to farm Endo in Warframe.

8. Rathuum Arena

Rathuum Arena missions, including Vodyanoi, Yam, and Nakki, provide players with the opportunity to farm Endo by defeating Grineer foes. These enemies have a chance to drop Endo, ranging from 50 to 80 per drop. To maximize efficiency, it is recommended to tackle these missions as a group, allowing for more enemies to spawn and faster completion. Bringing compatible Warframes, such as Nekros or crowd-controlling frames, can also increase the chances of obtaining Endo. Players will need Judgment Points and a base in Nakki or above to join these tasks.

7. Arbitrations

Arbitrations are challenging missions that offer significant rewards, including Endo. Once players have completed every Star Chart node, they gain access to Arbitrations, which have an AABBCCC… rotation system for rewards. Players can expect to receive 1,500 Endo as a rotation C reward, along with the option to trade in Ayatan Sculptures for additional Endo. While Arbitrations require a longer playtime, they provide a great opportunity to farm large quantities of Endo, as well as helpful Warframe Mods and Vitus Essence.

6. Bounty Rewards

Completing certain bounties, such as the Level 40-60 Cambion Drift Bounty, can yield a small amount of Endo. The chances of receiving Endo as a reward range from 22.22% on stage 4 to 45.45% on stage 1. Additionally, players can sell or recycle unused Railjack parts obtained from Empyrean adventures for additional Endo. While this method may not provide a significant amount of Endo per part, it can accumulate over time and be supplemented with Credits earned from challenging Empyrean missions.

5. Selling Ayatan Sculptures

Ayatan Sculptures can be exchanged at Maroo’s Bazaar for Endo. Players should remember to include any Ayatan Stars to maximize the sculpture’s value. Ayatan Sculptures can be obtained randomly throughout missions, or players can participate in special tasks from Maroo to actively search for them. There is also a chance to acquire Ayatan Sculptures during Arbitrations, and players can use Vitus Essence to purchase them from the Arbiters of Hexis chamber in a relay.

4. Tier 3 Excavations

Tier 3 Excavations offer the potential to acquire 400 Endo per rotation A, with a 25% chance of obtaining it. While this method may provide a limited amount of Endo, players can also earn other resources and relics that can be used to acquire Prime equipment in the future.

3. Selling Mods

One of the easiest ways to obtain Endo is by selling duplicate mods. Regular missions often yield duplicate mods, which can be sold for Endo. While this method may not provide a large amount of Endo, it requires minimal effort and can be beneficial for both early and late-game players.

2. Sorties

Participating in Sorties provides players with a chance to win 4,000 Endo from the reward pool. It is recommended to complete Sorties on a daily basis to maximize the number of rewards obtained and to ensure a steady supply of Endo for future upgrades.

1. Relay

Acquiring Endo at the Maroo’s Bazaar relay node is one of the simplest methods in Warframe gameplay. Players can undertake a timed obstacle course set up by Maroo and collect the Ayatan Treasure at the end. By filling the Ayatan Treasure with Ayatan Stars, players can increase its Endo value. This method requires minimal effort and provides a substantial amount of Endo.

In conclusion, there are various ways to farm Endo in Warframe, including participating in Rathuum Arena missions, tackling Arbitrations, completing bounties, selling Ayatan Sculptures and mods, engaging in Tier 3 Excavations, and visiting Maroo’s Bazaar relay node. By utilizing these methods, players can ensure a steady supply of Endo for enhancing their power in the game.

1. How can I acquire Endo efficiently in Warframe?
– You can acquire Endo efficiently by slaying foes during missions or embarking on specific missions that feature Endo in their reward tables.

2. What are the best places to farm Endo in Warframe?
– Rathuum Arena missions, Arbitrations, Bounty Rewards, selling Ayatan Sculptures, and Tier 3 Excavations are some of the best places to farm Endo in Warframe.

3. Can I sell duplicate Mods for Endo?
– Yes, you can sell duplicate Mods for Endo. This method involves little work and is one of the easiest ways to get Endo.

4. How can I acquire Endo at the Maroo’s Bazaar relay node?
– At the Maroos Bazaar relay node, you can participate in a timed obstacle course to collect Ayatan Treasure, which can be filled with Ayatan Stars to boost its Endo value.


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