The Solution to Entering the Capture Dimension

Discovering the Solution to the Capture Dimension

Heading 3: Escape Academy: Into The Capture Dimension Puzzle Solutions

Escape Academy is a puzzle-based adventure game that follows players as they enroll at a school dedicated to training the next generation of Escapists. In the game, players navigate through various escape rooms, solving puzzles along the way. The game also offers DLC, such as Escape Academy: Escape from Anti-Escape Island, which presents a new challenge for players to escape an uncharted island and uncover a conspiracy.

In the DLC’s final section, Into The Capture Dimension, players find themselves in Doctor Liz Nemeth’s lab, where they must rescue Jeb, who is trapped inside a giant hourglass. To progress, players must solve various puzzles.

The first puzzle, “Fulfill Your Destiny,” is located past a door with purple tanks. Players enter a new escape room where Jeb is trapped in a giant tube filling with liquid. To free him, players must find three Science Juices hidden in different locations within the room. Once they have collected all three, they can pour them into a cylinder with numbered balls to unlock a large wheel, progressing to the next puzzle.

The second puzzle, “Solve The Think Tanks,” is unlocked after completing “Fulfill Your Destiny.” This puzzle involves three large pipes filled with colored liquid, one of which contains a rubber duck with a key. Players must sort the liquids in the pipes by turning the wheels near them to make the duck float. One possible solution is to have the right pipe fill the left, the left pipe fill the center, the right pipe fill the left again, and the center pipe fill the right. Using the key obtained from the rubber duck, players can access the control panel to move forward.

Next is the puzzle “Mind the Mines,” where players are teleported back to the hub. In this room, Jeb is trapped over a landmine, and players must figure out the password on a board with red and white dots. The board’s patterns spell out the password “BLAST,” allowing players to progress to a Minesweeper-style grid filled with bombs. Players must navigate the grid without stepping on a bomb. The solution to the grid is provided in the content.

The puzzle “Do A Crate Job” takes place in an escape room filled with crates. Each crate contains a numbered card, and players must match the arrows on the crane’s control panel to the cards. Successfully combining the arrows with the numbered cards unlocks the crates, revealing logic wheels that players must collect.

After completing “Do A Crate Job,” players can head up a nearby walkway to find another control panel. Here, they must place the control wheels in the correct slots and turn them until they match a specific image. Once this is done, players can pull the lever and teleport back to the hub to progress to the next room.

The final puzzle, “Welcome to the Laser Zone,” involves a locked machine with a code hidden in colorful boxes. Players must divide the numbers on the boxes by two and enter the resulting code to access the machine. The goal is to use mirrors to direct a laser to its target, completing two puzzles with different codes. Solutions for both laser puzzles are provided in the content.

In conclusion, Escape Academy: Into The Capture Dimension presents players with a series of engaging puzzles to progress through the game. From rescuing trapped characters to unlocking doors and solving mind-bending challenges, players must use their problem-solving skills to succeed. With its DLC and additional content, Escape Academy offers hours of puzzle-based entertainment across various platforms.


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