The Real Reason Destiny 3 Won’t Simply Go by ‘Destiny 3’

Why Destiny 3 May Not Actually be Known as 'Destiny 3'

Destiny 3 may not be completely out of the question, despite Bungie’s focus on Destiny 2 and its upcoming expansion. The success of Destiny 2‘s seasonal model makes it challenging to create a direct follow-up game due to difficulties with asset and item management. However, if a Destiny 3 were to be developed, it could explore horror themes or return to the original fantasy vision, offering a unique experience within the universe.

The Real Reason Destiny 3 Won’t Simply Go by ‘Destiny 3’

Although Bungie currently has no plans to create Destiny 3, the idea of a new title in the series is still a possibility. The trending of Destiny 3 on social media is partly fueled by the technical issues that Destiny 2’s servers have been facing, with players expressing a desire for a new game on a new engine. However, if a Destiny 3 were to happen, it would likely not be a direct sequel for several reasons.

One of the main reasons is the success of Destiny 2’s seasonal model. The game has overcome player retention and morale issues by implementing regular seasons with new content. Creating a new game as a direct follow-up to Destiny 2 would pose challenges in terms of managing assets and items, as players would not be able to keep everything from their inventories and cosmetics. Therefore, a Destiny 3 game would need to offer a different experience.

A potential direction for Destiny 3 could be to explore horror themes that are subtly present in Destiny 2. Some missions, such as Presage, already incorporate horror elements. Expanding on these themes and making them more prominent could provide a fresh take on the franchise. This could involve players controlling regular soldiers or civilians in the Destiny universe, dealing with the various alien creatures that inhabit it.

Why Destiny 3 May Not Actually be Known as ‘Destiny 3’

Alternatively, Destiny 3 could return to the original fantasy vision that Bungie had for the franchise. Concept art pieces have shown a world that was more fantasy than sci-fi, with different weapons and enemies. This could be a sequel, prequel, or a game set in a different location within the universe. The lore and characters within Destiny 2 provide ample material for exploring different storylines and experiences.

Overall, while Bungie is currently focused on Destiny 2, the possibility of a Destiny 3 still exists. The success of Destiny 2’s seasonal model makes a direct sequel challenging, but there are opportunities to explore horror themes or return to the original fantasy vision. The universe of Destiny offers a wealth of possibilities for future games within the franchise.


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