The Games Seamlessly Incorporate Death Island

Death Island: Perfect Fit for the Games

Summary: Resident Evil: Death Island is a CG movie in the Resident Evil franchise that is considered canon. This article provides a guide for fans, offering an overview of the movie’s plot and its connections to the Resident Evil games. The movie begins with a group of Umbrella soldiers arriving in Raccoon City, which was previously destroyed in the games. The movie’s timeline takes place in 1998 and 2015, with most of the events occurring in 2015. Jill Valentine, a beloved character from the games, makes an appearance in the movie, marking her return to active duty. Rebecca Chambers also appears in the movie, following her return in the CG movie Resident Evil: Vendetta. The organization TerraSave, which Claire Redfield joins, is mentioned in the movie. The movie features two major monsters from the games, Lickers and possibly the Neptune sharks. Overall, the movie bridges the gap between the games and offers an entertaining story for fans.


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