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The Depths of Time Guide – Trials of God

The Depths of Time stage can be defeated easily with the help of this guide. Here are the complete details of how to win The Barricade by defeating this stage of the Trials of God.

You can unlock this after stages 27-60. There are a total of 9 enemies waiting for you and will reward two relics. The actual reward is The Barricade. You have to complete different challenges for taking rewards and new artifacts for tanks.

The Depths of Time Guide

Depths of Time Trials of God

Recommended Relics

Damage and stun the enemies periodically.

Agility Heroes +30% Damage & +10% Life Leech.

Recommended Team

You can easily beat the final boss with the help of Dimensional Heroes like Ainz and Albedo. You can also use Lyca if you have to deal with Ezizh.

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