The Death Stranding Movie: The Untold Story Awaits to Be Revealed

The Death Stranding Movie: Unveiling a Beguiling Untold Story

Death Stranding, released in 2019, received mixed reactions from gamers due to its unique gameplay. However, one aspect that fascinated audiences and critics alike was its narrative. Despite this, the game left certain character stories underdeveloped, such as that of Sam Bridges’ wife. The planned film adaptation of Death Stranding has the potential to address these narrative gaps and provide more insight into the relationship between Sam and his wife.

Death Stranding’s Narrative Shortcomings and the Potential of the Film Adaptation

One of the criticisms of Death Stranding’s storytelling is that it often tells rather than shows. Important plot points, such as the creation of the Chiral Network using BBs, are revealed through phone calls with the character Deadman, rather than being shown directly to the player. The story of Sam’s wife follows a similar pattern. It is revealed that she died while pregnant and Sam was away, with her body remaining undiscovered until it was too late. This tragic event led to her becoming one of Death Stranding’s BTs, resulting in the destruction of their town and leaving Sam as the sole survivor. This crucial part of Sam’s backstory could have benefited from more screen time in the game and could be further explored and expanded upon in the film adaptation.

The Death Stranding film, planned for release in the future, has the potential to flesh out the story of Lucy Strand, Sam’s wife. Hideo Kojima, the creator of Death Stranding, has stated that the film will be unlike any other video game adaptation. Like other successful adaptations, such as The Last of Us’ HBO series, the film could expand and deepen the characters and relationships, providing a deeper understanding of the story. Just as the show expanded on the relationship between Bill and Frank, the film could flesh out Sam’s relationship with Lucy, giving fans a more in-depth look into their connection.

It remains to be seen what changes or alterations will be made in the film adaptation, as is often necessary when transitioning from one medium to another. However, the story of Lucy Strand could be a valuable addition to the film, offering a clearer understanding of Sam’s character. While the first trailer for Death Stranding 2 hinted at the possibility of flashbacks that may explore this story, the film adaptation provides an ideal opportunity to delve deeper into Lucy’s narrative.

In summary, Death Stranding’s narrative left some important character stories underdeveloped, particularly that of Sam Bridges’ wife. The planned film adaptation could address this and provide more insight into their relationship. The game’s tendency to tell rather than show certain plot points, such as the creation of the Chiral Network and the story of Sam’s wife, could be enhanced through a visual medium like film. By following the example of successful adaptations, the Death Stranding film has the potential to expand and flesh out characters and relationships, such as Sam and Lucy’s, providing a deeper understanding of the story.


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