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Troubleshooting Registration Issues in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Players Frustrated Registration Code Errors Leave Old Republic

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Introduction: A Disruption in the Force

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively popular game, has encountered some hurdles during its launch, causing frustration among players. Issues like long server queues have left gamers questioning whether they are playing a game or standing in line at Disneyland. However, the most significant concern is the registration code problems that have arisen, leaving players in distress and seeking answers from BioWare and Electronic Arts.

The Registration Code Dilemma

Many players have reported encountering problems with their registration codes, which has raised serious concerns within the gaming community. Some physical copies of the game were missing registration codes, while others found their codes non-functional after attempting to register. Even new users who downloaded the game faced the same issue. This situation is made more urgent by the fact that there is a limited two-day grace period to enter the code before losing early progress, adding to players’ anxiety.

Pre-orders have also been affected by the issue. Some players haven’t received their codes, while others were told their codes were already active or that their purchase history on Origin indicated no prior acquisition of the game. The lack of communication from BioWare on the matter has been particularly frustrating for players.

Seeking Answers and Solutions

Automated responses blaming end-users for providing the wrong code, such as a pre-registration code for activation, have been received by some players. However, this explanation seems unlikely and doesn’t address the widespread nature of the problem. Players are left wondering who is to blame—BioWare, Origin, EA, software bugs, or a combination of these factors.

Finding a Resolution

The game’s various versions (pre-orders, physical orders, and digital orders) and the abundance of different codes have likely contributed to the emergence of these issues. To calm frustrated gamers, BioWare and/or EA must promptly clarify the situation and provide a suitable solution. The lack of information and timely response is the primary cause of discontent among players.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the registration code issues in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
Players have reported encountering various problems with registration codes in the game. Some physical copies lacked a registration code, while others found their codes non-functional during the registration process. Pre-order players also faced issues with missing or inactive codes.

2. Why are registration code problems a cause for concern?
The game offers only a two-day grace period to enter the code before early progress is lost, causing anxiety among players. Additionally, the lack of information and communication from BioWare has frustrated gamers.

3. Have pre-order players been affected by the registration issues?
Yes, pre-order players have also experienced problems with registration codes. Some haven’t received their codes, while others were told their codes were already active, or their purchase history indicated no prior acquisition of the game.

4. What kind of responses have players received regarding the registration problems?
Some players received automated responses blaming them for providing the wrong code, which includes using pre-registration codes for activation. However, players doubt this explanation’s accuracy given the widespread nature of the issue.

5. What is the key to resolving the registration problems in the game?
Transparency and timely communication from BioWare and/or EA are crucial to addressing the registration code issues. By clarifying the situation and offering a suitable solution, players can expect a smoother gaming experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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