[Solved] Lament Jumping Puzzle in Remnant 2

How to solve the Lament Jumping Puzzle in Remnant 2

If this puzzle has you stuck, refrain from lamenting your troubles.

How to Solve Lament Jumping Pillar Puzzle in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a thrilling hardcore soulslike shooter that captivates players with its diverse gameplay, challenging bosses, and intriguing puzzles. Among these puzzles, the Jumping Pillar Puzzle in The Lament proved to be quite tricky. In this guide, we’ll learn how to conquer it and proceed with confidence.

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Jumping Pillar Puzzle

Contrary to its name, the Jumping Pillar Puzzle is not solved by jumping. Instead, you must navigate an invisible path between the pillars.

Follow these steps to safely cross the puzzle:

1. Use the Cube Gun

Equip the Cube Gun for better visibility of your shots.

2. Shoot Down:

Before taking any step, shoot the floorspace in front of you. If the bullets stop and reveal a shimmering bridge, it’s safe to step on. If the bullets continue, the area is hazardous, and you’ll fall to your death.

3. Proceed Carefully:

Follow this method to reach the other side of the puzzle. Be patient and methodical to ensure your success.

4. Obtain Kolket’s Key:

Once you cross the puzzle, you’ll need Kolket’s Razor to open the door. Inspect Kolket’s Razor, turn it over, and interact with it to transform it into Kolket’s Key.

Lament Jumping Pillar Puzzle
Lament Jumping Pillar Puzzle (image by Macro Gamer via Remnant 2 game)

Kolket’s Razor

To acquire Kolket’s Razor, you must defeat the Wither mini-boss in The Lament.

Follow these steps to find it:

1. Solve the Dial Door Puzzle:

To reach the Wither mini-boss, you must first solve the Dial Door puzzle in the room with the sarcophaguses.

2. Decipher the Dial Puzzle:

Inspect the book at the bottom of the slope in the room. The first page will reveal a randomized symbol. Match this symbol to the cloth covering the sarcophagi.

3. Identify the Correct Symbols:

When the cloth symbol matches the one in the book, take note of the symbol on the wall above the sarcophagi. You’ll need these symbols to open the Dial Door.

4. Input Symbols in the Dial:

Input the identified symbols in any order into the Dial to open the door and access the area where you can find Kolket’s Razor.

Hidden Treasures

Once inside, you’ll discover the Ring of Diversion and spot a boat hanging from the ceiling.

To claim the Lodestone Crown, follow these steps:

1. Find the Secret Path:

Turn around and walk through the wall to the right of the entry. This hidden path will lead you to the boat.

2. Claim the Lodestone Crown:

Stand on the boat to acquire the Lodestone Crown.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the solution to the Jumping Pillar Puzzle?

A: The Jumping Pillar Puzzle is not solved by jumping; you must follow an invisible path between the pillars by shooting down to reveal the safe areas.

Q: Where can I find Kolket’s Razor in Remnant 2?

A: Kolket’s Razor is obtained by defeating the Wither mini-boss in The Lament.

Q: How do I open the Dial Door in The Lament?

A: To open the Dial Door, you must solve the Dial puzzle by matching symbols on the sarcophagi to the symbols in the book found in the room.

Q: What is the significance of the Cube Gun?

A: The Cube Gun improves visibility, making it easier to see the shots and identify safe paths during the Jumping Pillar Puzzle.

Q: What hidden treasures can be found inside The Lament?

A: Inside The Lament, you can find the Ring of Diversion and claim the Lodestone Crown by navigating a secret path and reaching the boat hanging from the ceiling.


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