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Shadow Invasions

Shadow invasions can be accessed after clearing the 9-40 stage. It is a stick shooter for an auto shot to close enemies. There is an endless score mode with 12 stages. The player can score 3 stars from one stage. Moreover, the player needs about thirty stars to claim the rewards of 10 scrolls and 1500 diamonds. After clearing the stages, you will also get gold + XP + 1100 diamonds.

Shadow Invasions

Always check star requirements before entering a new stage. Stages 10-12 need maximum skills, while most stages need a certain percentage of hp. All the heroes have different abilities, including passive ability, attack, and stats. The player can get 1-4 extra passive and 1-4 active skill slots.

Shadow Invasions

The player’s skills have activated automatically to deal with the damage accordingly. The basic skills, attacks, and passives can be leveled to 5. You can boost your XP by killing your enemy and getting a blue gem dropped by killed enemies. Getting more and more gems will allow you to upgrade your powers and abilities. You can also increase the power of your existing heroes through these gems. The player can also get purple gems for boosting much more XP from barrels and mage enemies.

Shadow Invasions


Mirael: 5/5 broken. The fireballs give out more damage without cleaving. The last upgrade has filled the map with bouncing fireballs. Crazy damage scaling on her hero passive.

Hogan: 1/5 trash. Get cleaves and need close to the enemy to hit them. Hogan is slow with high hp, healing, and armor.

Ira: 2/5; meh. Often appear to target the sole enemy. Speed scaling hero passive, not impactful.

Mirael seems to be the best hero. There are some more valuable tips for helping you more:

  • You may feel challenged at the start of the stage but believe me; you will enjoy it after that. Try to gain DPS quickly to clear more levels.
  • Try upgrading your hero’s primary attack to level 5 as soon as possible. If you fail to do it, then go for restarting the stage.
  • Focus on killing maximum enemies to collect more and more gem

Shadow Invasions

  • Use diverse skills and upgrade your powers. The player unlocks the skills by passing the new stages. Some skills like a flame shield, lightning bolt, and magic sword are beneficial, unlike ice spikes and shotgun.  

Shadow Invasions

  • Pick the skill cd and damage one for passive slots. XP gain passive is not much useful. Remember that more damage is more XP and, in return, more damage for enemies.
  • Find out the barrels across the map as they provide purple gems for boosting your powers. They also provide other valuable items like bombs, green lanterns, and hp restoration.
  • Keep your eyes open to avoid traps. Try to stay in movement and have an escape route. Move close to mobs for the auto attack.
  • To upgrade the skills to LVL 6, you must have at least specific passive skills at level 5. You will see the Ascension requirements when choosing skills after leveling up. After getting a specific passive, you must defeat the elite enemy to upgrade to level 6.
  • Make sure that you have already fulfilled the ascension requirements before upgrading. Kill the Wrizz for boss chest. Gain AOE skills as much as possible because enemy density increases with time.

Ascension requirements:

  1. Flame Shield: Cooldown Stone
  2. Shotgun: Raku’s Bow
  3. Magical Swords: Guardian Stone
  4. Ice Spikes: Magnetic Stone
  5. Lightning bolt: Strength Stone
  6. Flying Blade: Experience Stone

If you know any other valuable tips or strategies, you are open to sharing them with us and others through comments. Have a better playground 😊


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