Can you restore a deleted character in Diablo 4?

Can you restore a deleted character in Diablo 4?

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In Diablo 4, managing your characters is an essential part of the gameplay experience. This guide explores whether it is possible to restore a deleted hero, the process of character deletion, and the permanent character loss in hardcore mode.

1. Heroes Limit and Deleting a Character
Diablo 4 allows you to have up to 10 characters. As your roster expands, you might find yourself needing to delete a character to create space for new ones. To delete a character, follow these steps:

Select the character from your list of heroes.
Click the delete button.
Confirm the action by entering the character’s name.
Once completed, the character will be deleted, freeing up a character slot for a new hero.
2. How to Restore a Deleted Character
The good news is that deleting a character manually is not necessarily permanent. Diablo 4 provides a way to restore a deleted hero if certain conditions are met. To restore a deleted character:

Access the main menu.
Look for the “Undo Character Delete” button.
Press the button to view the information of the deleted character, including the deletion date, name, class, and level.
Click on the “Undo” option to restore the hero.
However, it’s essential to note that you must have at least one free character slot (out of the maximum of 10) to restore a deleted hero. Additionally, you can only restore the most recently deleted character. Previous deleted characters beyond the last one will be lost permanently.
3. Hardcore Mode – Permanent Character Loss
Diablo 4 features a hardcore mode, similar to previous installments, where players can choose to play with higher stakes. When creating a new hero, you can opt for hardcore mode in the last tab. However, it comes with a significant caveat:

Death in hardcore mode is permanent.
There is no way to undo or prevent character loss.
All game saves are stored on Diablo 4 servers, not locally.
Once a character dies in hardcore mode, it cannot be restored, and all progress with that hero is lost forever.

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