Resolving the Issue: Fixing WoW’s Existing Character Name Dilemma

## Fixing the Issue: “WoW A Character With That Name Already Exists”

Title: Troubleshooting the “WoW A Character With That Name Already Exists” Error


Closing a game inappropriately can lead to difficulties when trying to log back in. This article provides solutions for fixing the “WoW a character with that name already exists” error in World of Warcraft, which occurs when the game server believes the player is still logged in due to an unreliable internet connection or improper log out.

Ensuring Well-Performing Drivers

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Identifying the Cause of the Error

The “WoW a character with that name already exists” error message may appear if the player’s internet connection is unreliable or if they did not properly log out in a previous session. To fix this issue, several steps can be taken.

Steps to Fix the Error

1. Check Internet Connection: Verify the internet connection’s performance and stability using the Google Speed Test page.
2. Login with a Different Character: Attempt logging in with an alternate character or create a new character. Then, log out and try logging back in with the original account.
3. Wait 30 minutes: The World of Warcraft server requires approximately 30 minutes to log out an inactive game session.

Resetting the User Interface

To troubleshoot the error further, resetting the user interface can be helpful. Before proceeding, disable any addons and addon managers related to WoW. Additionally, close any background apps and processes. Follow these steps to reset the user interface:

1. Open the launcher.
2. Locate WoW, click on the gear icon, and select “Show in Explorer.”
3. Open the folder of the desired version (retail, classic_era, or classic).
4. Rename the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld, respectively. This will prompt the launcher to generate new folders.
5. If launching the game becomes problematic, revert the folder names to their original form.


By following the steps provided, players can resolve the “WoW a character with that name already exists” error message. It is essential to also ensure a stable internet connection and allow sufficient time for the server to recognize the player’s disconnection.

Contact Support for Further Assistance

If any additional issues or errors arise during gameplay, players are encouraged to reach out for support. The team is dedicated to assisting gamers and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

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