Resolving Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo on PC, Xbox, PS4/PS5: A Comprehensive Guide

Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo: How to Fix It on [PC, Xbox, PS4/PS5]

How to Fix the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo on PC, Xbox, and PS4/PS5

Destiny 2 is an incredibly popular game known for its stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. However, players may encounter various network-related errors, such as the error code buffalo. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to resolve this issue.

Causes of the Error Code Buffalo in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo typically occurs due to platform-related problems or account-related issues. Some common reasons for encountering this error include:

1. Account problems: If there is an issue with your platform account, it can trigger the buffalo error code.

2. Server maintenance: The error code buffalo may appear during server maintenance or outages. This can also lead to the error code chicken in Destiny 2.

3. Problematic game components: If certain files within the game installation directory become corrupted or deleted, it can result in the error code buffalo.

4. IP address problem: If there is an issue with your current IP address, you may encounter the buffalo error code.

How to Fix the Buffalo Error in Destiny 2

Before diving into the major troubleshooting methods, there are a few quick steps you can take:

1. Restart your PC or console.

2. Ensure that you are not using any proxy.

3. Log out of any additional consoles or PCs and try again.

4. Try playing the game using a different network connection.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you can try the following methods to fix the error code buffalo:

1. Sign out and sign in: Sign out of your platform account and Windows user account, then sign back in. Relaunch the game to see if the error persists.

2. Delete cvars.xml file: Open the Run dialog by pressing Win + R, then enter “%appdata%” and click OK. Navigate to the DestinyPC > Prefs folder and delete the cvars.xml file. Restart your PC and relaunch Destiny 2.

3. Disable your antivirus and firewall: Open Windows Security from the Start Menu and go to Firewall & network protection. Turn off the Microsoft Defender Firewall for both Private Network and Public Network. Restart your computer.

4. Reset the network: Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I, then go to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings. Click on Network Reset and proceed with the reset. Restart Windows after the process is complete.

5. Repair the game files: Open Steam and go to your game library. Right-click on Destiny 2, click on Properties, and go to the Local Files tab. Click on Verify integrity of game files and wait for the process to finish. This may take some time. Afterward, try playing Destiny 2 again to see if the buffalo error persists.

Fixing the Destiny 2 Error Code Buffalo on Xbox and PlayStation

If you are encountering the buffalo error in Destiny 2 on Xbox or PlayStation, you can try the following steps:


1. Check the Xbox Live network status and wait if it’s a server-side issue.

2. Sign out of your Microsoft Account on Xbox and then sign in again.

3. Change the DNS settings and alternative MAC address from the network and advanced network settings.


1. Visit the PlayStation service status page to determine whether the issue is on your end or a server-side problem.

2. Sign out of your account and sign back in.

3. Change your DNS settings.

If you are still experiencing the buffalo error, you can try using a gaming VPN like ExpressVPN to see if the problem persists.

In conclusion, the buffalo error code in Destiny 2 can be resolved using the methods outlined above, applicable to PC, Xbox, and PS4/PS5 platforms. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment.


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