Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy Transformed Into an Adorable Raccoon Through a Charming Tattoo

**Adorable Tattoo Transforms Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy Into a Raccoon**

Tylerjade_99, a fan of the Resident Evil video game series, recently shared an adorable tattoo of the character Leon S. Kennedy with a raccoon twist. The tattoo has received widespread praise from the Resident Evil community for its creativity and execution.

Resident Evil fans are known for getting tattoos inspired by the series, but most of them tend to be more on the creepy and intense side. However, Tylerjade_99’s tattoo breaks the mold by taking Leon S. Kennedy’s iconic appearance and adding a cute and fuzzy raccoon element to it.

Tylerjade_99 shared their tattoo on Reddit, showcasing a raccoon version of Leon wearing his Raccoon City police uniform and carrying a pistol. The design pays homage to Leon’s first appearance in Resident Evil 2. The cute depiction has sparked interest among fans, with one suggesting a raccoon version of Claire Redfield as the next tattoo idea.

The tattoo has garnered a lot of praise from the Resident Evil community, who have expressed their joy and admiration for the cute design. Some fans made jokes referencing Leon’s quotes, while others expressed their envy and desire for the design in a non-permanent form, such as a sticker.

Tylerjade_99 mentioned that the tattoo started as a joke, and they were surprised that it hasn’t been seen before in the fandom. However, it seems that the idea of creating cute versions of Resident Evil characters through tattoos is gaining popularity, and there may be more fans following suit.

This is a good time to be a Leon fan, as the recent release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake and the Resident Evil: Death Island movie have given fans more opportunities to enjoy the character. Leon has appeared in various Resident Evil games, both good and bad, making him a beloved and iconic figure in the series.

In conclusion, Tylerjade_99’s adorable raccoon-inspired tattoo of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil has captured the hearts of the community. The creative design and execution have received praise from fans, sparking interest in other cute tattoo ideas for Resident Evil characters. With the recent success of Resident Evil 4 Remake and the ongoing popularity of the series, it’s no surprise that fans are finding new and creative ways to express their love for these iconic characters.


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