Remnant 2: Which Class Should You Pick First? Understanding the Class System in Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Choosing Your First Class Archetype & Multiclassing | Hunter | Challenger | Handler | Medic

The first decision you need to make in Remnant 2 is which class to pick. This tutorial guide will help you make an informed decision, taking into account both playstyle and game mechanics.

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Understanding the Class System in Remnant 2

Unlike its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes, the sequel places a lot of importance on your starting class. Your chosen class will significantly impact your gaming experience as you journey across the various Realms the Worldstones connect.

In addition to the initial five classes, you can discover many others hidden throughout the game. This guide will help you choose the most suitable starting class from the available options.

Archetype & Multiclassing

In Remnant 2, Archetypes extend beyond just the starting ones, given the vast amount of loot the first game offers. Once you make sufficient progress, you can equip different Archetype items into their Engram slots. You have two Engram Slots in total – one for the ‘Prime’ Archetype (your main class) and one for your Secondary Archetype.

You should be aware that equipping the second Archetype grants you all its Skills, Perks, and even its Trait. However, its Prime Perk remains exclusive to your Prime Archetype. For instance, if you have Medic as your Primary and Hunter as your Secondary, you’ll have access to the Archetype Traits, Perks, and Skills of both Classes, but the only Prime Perk active is Medic’s.

Your starting Class serves as your Prime Archetype first, and it’s the one you’ll have the Archetype Trait maxed out on as you unlock the ability to equip your Secondary Archetype.

Selecting Your Class

Now, let’s take a look at each class individually, including the benefits of choosing them as your Starting Class and the type of player who would likely enjoy each class.

Class Name Stereotypical Class Comparison
Gunslinger Ranged DPS, Burst-Damage DPS, Self-Buffing DPS
Hunter Sniper, Assassin, Thief, Sharpshooter
Challenger Tank, Melee DPS, Bruiser, Berserker
Handler Summoner, Buffer, Summon-Based DPS, Offtank
Medic Healer, Support, Dual-Type Support/DPS

For those who pre-ordered Remnant II, Gunslinger will be available as a starting class. Gunslinger, themed after the Western Cowboy, is a DPS class that rapidly consumes ammo for high DPS. It’s ideal for players who enjoy Westerns or Cowboys, prefer fast-paced play styles with high attack speed but lower damage per hit, or enjoy the gunplay side of Remnant: From the Ashes more than the Weapon Mods side.

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Note: The information displayed in the tables for each Class’s initial Traits and Perks may employ an indistinct X symbol for elements that vary as that Class advances in level, or it may display the numerical values that a Perk/Trait would possess at Class Level 10. Essentially, you should consider any text that has been emphasized through bolding in the below descriptions as features of the Perk/Trait that are subject to alterations, depending on the Archetype Level.

Name Type Description
Loaded Prime Perk When Activating any Gunslinger Skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 8s.
Ammo Reserves Archetype Trait Increases Ammo Reserves by 50 Percent (5 percent at Level 1)
Swift Shot Damage Perk Gain 15 percent Fire Rate, 25 percent Ranged Damage, and 5 percent Crit Chance for all Fire Arms. Damage increases with Gunslinger level.
Posse Up Team Perk Ammo Pickups award 30 percent additional ammo per player with the bonus split equally among teammates, also causes Ammo Box to drop additional ammo on the ground.
Quick Hands Utility Perk Firearms gain 10 percent Reload Speed. The bonus is doubled if the magazine is empty.
Slight of Hand Relic Perk Using a Relic reloads equipped Firearm and increases Ranged Damage by 15 percent for 10 seconds.
Wrangler 1860 Long Gun A lever-action Hunting Rifle.
Western Classic Handgun A single-action classic Revolver.
Scrap Hatchet Melee Weapon A Hatchet Melee Weapon made from scrap.

Hunter is the game’s ‘Sniper’ class, seen taking out enemies from afar or using invisibility to dip in and out of battles in the game’s promotional material. This class is flexible, thanks to the Ideal Weapon Range increase. It’s suitable for FPS Veterans, players who love ‘sniper’-type Classes, or players who have trouble with situational awareness.

Name Type Description
Dead to Rights Prime Perk Dealing 55 Base Ranged Weakspot Damage extends the duration of active Hunter Skills by 3.5s. This can extend Skill timers beyond their initial duration.
Longshot Archetype Trait Increases the ideal range of weapons by 6m, with the Weapon Range Bonus being +600 at Level 10 (+60 at Level 1)
Deadeye Damage Perk Gain 40 percent Ranged Damage, 15 percent Weakspot Damage, and 5 percent Ranged Critical Change. Damage increases with Hunter Level.
Return to Sender Team Perk Kills due to Weakspot and Critical Hits increase Ammo drops by 50 percent and double the chance of Ammo drops.
Urgency Utility Perk Firearms gain 15 percent Reload Speed and 15 percent increased Movement Speed after a Kill. Lasts 5s.
Intuition Relic Perk Using a Relic extends the duration of any active Hunter Skill by 10s. Effect degrades with each subsequent use. Weakspot Kills against Marked enemies increase the speed of the next Relic Use within 15s by 5 percent. Stacks up to 10 times.
Huntmaster M1 Long Gun A high-powered bolt-action Hunting Rifle.
Repeater Pistol Handgun A high fire-rate Semi-Automatic Pistol.
Steel Sword Melee Weapon A long sharp bladed Melee Weapon made from car leaf springs.


Challenger is the closest to a ‘tank’ starting Class in Remnant II. It emphasizes melee combat with Skills/Perks focused around close combat. This class is perfect for Melee Combat lovers, Tank/Bruiser Class veterans in RPGs and MMOs, or players who prefer close-combat Guns and/or Heavy Armor.

Name Type Description
Die Hard Prime Perk When receiving fatal damage, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for 3s and regenerates 100 percent of Max Health. Can only happen once every 10 minutes. Resets at Worldstone or on death.
Strong Back Archetype Trait Reduces Encumbrance by 10 at Level 10 (Reduces by 1 at Level 1).
Close Quarters Damage Perk Grants a 35 percent increase to All Damage to enemies within 10m. Damage bonus tapers off until 20m. Critical Chance is increased by up to 10 percent. Damage increases with Challenger level.
Intimidating Presence Team Perk After activating a Challenger Skill, enemies within 10m deal 10 percent less damage for 15s with an additional 2.5 percent damage reduction per enemy affected. (Max 10 percent).
Powerlifter Utility Perk Both the Stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and Stamina Regen Delay are reduced by 50 percent.
Fear of Danger Relic Perk Using a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark and 10 percent Increased Damage for 10s.
AS-10 ‘Bulldog’ Long Gun A fully-automatic Drum-Fed Shotgun.
Silverback Model 500 Handgun A short-barreled six-shooter Handgun.
Iron Greatsword Melee Weapon A giant broadsword Melee Weapon made from railroad tracks.

Handler is a versatile class that comes with a dog, making it a fan favorite. This class allows players to build in vastly different ways based on their play style. It’s great for players who love dogs or animals, enjoy playing summoner-type Classes in games, and newer players to the Remnant series.

Name Type Description
Bonded Prime Perk When Handler is downed, Companion will attempt to revive them at 50 percent Max Health. Can be used to revive allies with Command. Downed ally must have a Relic Charge.
Kinship Archetype Trait Reduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received by 80 percent at Level 10 (reduces by 8 percent at Level 1).
Pack Hunter Damage Perk Gain 30 percent Ranged and Skill Damage, and 5 percent Ranged and Skill Critical Chance while Companion is active and within 25m of the player. Damage increases with Handler level.
Spirit of the Wolf Team Perk Increases Movement Speed by 10 percent. All allies with 10m of the Handler gain the Handler’s Movement Speed (if faster). Reduces the Stamina cost of actions for allies by 15 percent.
Teamwork Utility Perk Handler and Companion gain 30 percent increased Revive Speed. While Handler or Companion are reviving, they receive 50 percent less damage.
Best Friend Relic Perk Using a Relic fully restores Companion health and grants them 25 percent Damage and 35 percent Damage Resistance for 15s.
Blackmaw AR-47 Long Gun A medium capacity fully automatic Rifle.
Tech 22 Handgun A small-caliber, medium-capacity Automatic Pistol with a suppressor attached.
Rusted Claws Melee Weapon Old canine training braces converted into claw Melee Weapons.

Remnant 2 Choosing Your First ClassMedic

The Medic, as in most games, is primarily a healing class. In addition to healing allies, it buffs an ally’s self-healing abilities and rewards the healer for performing their role well. It’s recommended for players who love to support, play Healers in MMORPGs, or want to play a Class that will make a co-op playthrough enjoyable for everyone.

Name Type Description
Regenerator Prime Perk After restoring 250 Total Health to allies, regain a spent Relic charge. Resting or Respawning at a Worldstone resets healing accumulation. Each additional player increases this healing requirement by 50 percent.
Triage Archetype Trait Increases Healing by 50 Percent at Level 10 (5 percent at Level 1).
Invigorated Damage Perk Grants a 25 percent increase to All Damage and 5 percent Critical Chance. Damage increases with Medic Level.
Benevolence Team Perk Increases Relic Efficacy by 15 percent and heals nearby allies for 30 percent of the total healing value, increasing to 60 percent for any ally below 35 percent Max Health.
Backbone Utility Perk Increases the hits Medic can take before losing Grey Health by 2.
Benefactor Relic Perk Increases Relic Use Speed by 20 percent. Relic Use gains -1 Stagger.
XMG57 ‘Bonesaw’ Long Gun An experimental creation made by welding together two different guns, a Heavy Machine Gun with long reload time and a high capacity, but can also overheat.
Service Pistol Handgun A standard-issue sidearm pistol that’s designed to be the most ‘basic’ of basic weapons.
Steel Flail Melee Weapon Unorthodox Melee Weapon that converts momentum into destruction. Has a unique Charge Attack.

Embark on your Remnant 2 journey, releasing on July 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Choose your class wisely and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the difference between the class system in Remnant II and its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes?
    • Unlike the original game, Remnant II places significant importance on the starting class. The class chosen at the beginning of the game has a considerable impact on the overall gaming experience.
  2. What is multiclassing in Remnant II?
    • Multiclassing in Remnant II allows you to equip different Archetype items into their Engram slots. You can have a Primary and Secondary Archetype, both of which grant you their Skills, Perks, and Traits. However, the Prime Perk is exclusive to your Prime Archetype.
  3. What are some key characteristics of the Gunslinger class in Remnant II?
    • The Gunslinger class, themed after a Western Cowboy, is a DPS class that rapidly consumes Ammo for high DPS. It’s ideal for players who prefer faster playstyles that prioritize high attack speed with lower damage per hit.
  4. How is the Handler class in Remnant II unique?
    • The Handler class is versatile and allows players to adopt various playstyles. It comes with a dog, which can function as an attack dog, an aggro-pulling tank, or a healer, making it a popular choice among players.
  5. What kind of players would most enjoy the Medic class in Remnant II?
    • The Medic class is designed for players who enjoy supporting their team. This healing class also buffs an ally’s self-healing abilities and rewards the healer for performing their role well. It’s a great choice for players who enjoy playing Healers in MMORPGs or want to make a co-op playthrough enjoyable for everyone.


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