Remnant 2: Where to Find Soul Sparks

Finding the Soul Sparks Remnant 2 Tutorial

In this article you will learn how to find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2. We are here to guide you step by step. As you journey through the main campaign of Remnant 2, you’ll traverse multiple worlds, each with its own unique story tied to a singular goal: stopping the Root once and for all. N’erud, a desolate, sci-fi hellscape on the brink of destruction, is one such world.

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In a potential storyline on N’erud, you’ll receive an eerie task from a disembodied voice. Your mission? Save the Drzyr race from complete extinction by finding a canister of Soul Sparks, the last remnants of their dying civilization. This guide will walk you through the steps.

Locating the Soul Sparks in Remnant 2 OR Where to Find Soul Sparks

Step 1: Find the Second Open Area

Your first task is to find the second open area in N’erud. Accomplish this by completing the first dungeon you encounter after leaving the prison. Although the areas may vary with each playthrough, your objective remains constant.

Step 2: Locate the Underground Vault

The Soul Sparks aren’t in any dungeons in the second area. Instead, they’re tucked away in an underground vault within the toxic desert. These vaults appear as pyramid-like structures, leading to subterranean facilities.

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You might find multiple vaults on the map, but the one you need has an airlock door similar to those in the prison. Enter this facility and retrieve the Soul Spark canister from the main chamber. Beware: this usually triggers a zombie attack, so be ready to fight while waiting for the exit door to reopen.

Step 3: Navigate the Harsh Environment

Navigating N’Erud can be challenging due to its poor visibility and similar-looking sand dunes, making it difficult to find the correct bunker. The map is also challenging to read without hard walls to serve as borders, further complicating fog of war identification.

How to Find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2

If you’re struggling to find the right bunker, continue exploring the wasteland and investigate any vaults you come across. Check the areas directly in front of dungeon entrances or skirt along the edge of the death fog to reveal new, uncharted areas of the map.

Step 4: Return the Soul Sparks

After securing the Soul Sparks, return to the prison and deliver them to the mysterious speaker behind the glass wall. This action triggers an important cutscene, pushing the narrative forward.

Remember, Remnant 2 is available as of July 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Now, get out there and save the Drzyr!

How to Find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2 Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the main objective in the world of N’erud in Remnant 2? In one possible storyline on N’erud, players are tasked with saving the Drzyr race by finding a canister of Soul Sparks, the last remnants of their civilization.
  2. Where are the Soul Sparks located in Remnant 2? The Soul Sparks are located in an underground vault somewhere in the toxic desert of N’erud. These vaults are pyramid-like structures with entrances that lead to subterranean facilities.
  3. How can I identify the correct vault in N’erud? Among multiple vaults on the map, look for the one that has an airlock door, similar to those in the prison. Inside this vault, you’ll find the Soul Spark canister in the main chamber.
  4. What should I do after finding the Soul Sparks? After finding the Soul Sparks, return to the prison and give them to the mysterious speaker behind the glass wall, triggering an important cutscene.
  5. What challenges might I face when looking for the Soul Sparks in N’erud? The harsh environment of N’Erud can make finding the right bunker challenging. Poor visibility, similar-looking sand dunes, and the absence of hard walls to serve as map borders all contribute to this difficulty.


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