Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solutions

Best way to solve the Imperial Gardens Puzzle in Remnant 2 Tutorial Quick Steps

Welcome to Remnant 2’s Imperial Gardens! This guide will help you uncover the secrets and solve the puzzles in this unique and Root-infested landscape. From finding the legendary Crossbow to facing the fearsome Mantagora, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

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Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solutions

1. How to Get the Crossbow

The Crossbow, a fan-favorite weapon from the first Remnant game, is waiting to be discovered in the middle of the map. To obtain it, you must crack open the Imperial Garden Plinth.

Step 1: Find four symbols scattered throughout the Gardens. These symbols are essential to unlocking the Plinth.

Step 2: Align the symbols correctly on the Plinth. Take note of the symbols’ locations before returning to the main building at the center.

Step 3: Open the hatch that appears to access the lower level.

Congratulations! You now have the powerful Crossbow and a chest filled with valuable resources.

2. Imperial Gardens Bell Tower Puzzle

Next, let’s tackle the more subtle puzzle involving the Bell Tower. Follow these steps to uncover its secrets:

Step 1: Locate the bell tower in the far corner of the map and go up the elevator to find a ring.

Step 2: Return to the ground level and step on the elevator again. As it ascends, look for large, blue symbols on the shaft.

Step 3: At a distance from the tower, observe four different symbols along its face. Remember these symbols.

Step 4: Find the fake wall between the first set of stairs leading back to the elevator and enter the four symbols into the Plinth in the hidden area.

Step 5: Unlock the door in front of the Plinth. Inside, you’ll discover the Blooming Heart, a Relic that spawns healing orbs during combat.

Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solutions Remnant 2

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Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solutions Video Tutorial

3. How to Beat Mantagora

Prepare for a challenging encounter with the giant flying manta ray, Mantagora. Here’s how to face this formidable boss:

Step 1: Find Mantagora
Explore the Imperial Gardens until you spot Mantagora flying underneath the area or near the giant tree at the map’s beginning.

Step 2: Initiate the Fight
Shoot Mantagora once to trigger the battle. It won’t attack you until provoked.

Step 3: Gradually Chip Away at Its Health
Mantagora is quite resilient and can be hard to hit with long-range weapons. Engage it early and chip away at its health while exploring the dungeon to ensure you have enough ammo.

Step 4: Claim Your Reward
Defeating Mantagora will reward you with the Momentum Mutator, which increases critical hit chance and critical hit damage.

Tip: Find Mantagora early and chip away at its health while exploring the dungeon. This ensures you have enough ammo to deal with the boss.

Defeating Mantagora will reward you with the Momentum Mutator, enhancing your critical hit chance and damage.

Congratulations! You’ve now conquered the Imperial Gardens, obtained the Crossbow, solved the Bell Tower puzzle, and defeated the challenging boss, Mantagora. Keep exploring the world of Remnant 2 to uncover more secrets and surprises!

Note: Remnant 2 is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S starting July 25. Happy adventuring!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Imperial Gardens in Remnant 2?
The Imperial Gardens is an area in Remnant 2 known for its Root-infested landscape and head-scratching puzzles. It hides secrets, including a fan-favorite weapon from the first game.

How do I obtain the Crossbow in the Imperial Gardens?
To get the Crossbow, locate the Imperial Garden Plinth in the main structure at the center of the map. Align four symbols found throughout the area on the Plinth to unlock a hatch leading to the lower level, where the Crossbow and a chest of resources are waiting.

What is the Bell Tower puzzle, and how do I solve it?
The Bell Tower puzzle involves finding and aligning symbols to unlock a hidden area. Take the elevator to the top of the Bell Tower, observe the symbols, and then enter the hidden area through a fake wall near the elevator. Input the four symbols into the Plinth to open the door and obtain the Blooming Heart Relic.

How do I defeat Mantagora, the boss in the Imperial Gardens?
To defeat Mantagora, a giant flying manta ray boss, shoot it once to initiate the fight. Chip away at its health gradually while exploring the dungeon to ensure you have enough ammo. Defeating Mantagora rewards you with the Momentum Mutator.

Can I find the same symbols in every playthrough?
No, the symbols for both the Crossbow puzzle and the Bell Tower puzzle change each time you play through the Imperial Gardens. Players need to locate and align new symbols with each visit to complete the puzzles.



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