How do I record a macro with TinyTask?

How do I record a macro with TinyTask?

To record a macro with TinyTask, follow these steps:

Open TinyTask: Launch the TinyTask software on your computer.

Position the Recording Area: Arrange the windows or applications on your screen that you want to record actions from. Make sure the relevant portions of the screen are visible and accessible.

Start Recording: In the TinyTask interface, click on the “Record” button. This will initiate the recording process.

Perform Actions: Begin performing the actions you want to record. This can include mouse movements, mouse clicks, and keyboard inputs. While recording, TinyTask will capture and record these actions.

Stop Recording: Once you have finished performing the desired actions, click on the “Stop” button in the TinyTask interface. This will stop the recording process.

Save the Macro: After stopping the recording, TinyTask will prompt you to save the recorded actions as a macro file (.mcr). Choose a location on your computer to save the macro, and provide a name for it.

By following these steps, you can record a macro with TinyTask, capturing a sequence of actions and inputs that can be played back later to automate the same steps.

Remember that TinyTask records actions based on screen coordinates, so changes in screen resolution or interface layout may affect the accuracy of playback. It’s also important to ensure that any applications or windows you are interacting with during the recording are in the expected state to ensure proper playback.

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