Ranking the Toughest Bosses in Remnant 2

## Remnant 2: Ranking the Toughest Bosses


Remnant 2 features fast-paced combat and aggressive bosses that will test players and push them with tough encounters.

Corrupted Ravager

Found in the dense, tendril-covered world of Yaesha, the Corrupted Ravager is a world boss that challenges even the most experienced players. It is extremely fast and hits hard, making it a dangerous foe for solo players. Players will need to aim for the Root tendrils on its back and use the pillars for cover from its attacks.


Faelin and Faerin are nimble fighters with a mixture of melee and ranged attacks. The difficulty of this boss fight may vary depending on the player’s class. Players will want to aim for the head, keep moving, and watch out for their teleportation and energy ball attacks.

Tal Ratha (Metaphysical)

Tal Ratha is a challenging boss with fast, close-range attacks. He can teleport and use AOE ranged attacks in his Metaphysical form. Players will need to aim for the head, be able to dodge multiple times in a row, and come fully prepared for one of the most challenging experiences in the game.

Labyrinth Sentinel

The Labyrinth Sentinel is not a conventional boss fight, as it is a collection of cubes that move in a certain pattern. Players will need to learn the pattern and shoot at the glowing centers of the cubes to defeat the boss.


Annihilation is the final boss of the game and is not an easy fight. This huge being will fly above the player, spraying the entire arena with deadly attacks. Players will need to stay aware of the ground below them and quickly destroy the red energy balls it spawns. The later stages of the fight become even more challenging with tendrils, blight, and energy attacks.

The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver is a true challenge to the player’s abilities. She hits incredibly hard and fast, and the tight and cluttered arena makes it hard to dodge her attacks. Players may need to optimize their build and make sure they are running the best options for damage. In phase two, she becomes spectral and can pass through walls, making the fight even more difficult.

Overall, Remnant 2 is a game that prides itself on testing players and pushing them with tough encounters and challenging bosses. Players will need to stay on their toes, strategize, and come fully prepared to survive in this fast-paced and aggressive world.


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