Possible Sequel Directions: Exploring 3 Pathways

Possible Sequel Directions

Heading 3: Possible Directions for The Last of Us Franchise

The Last of Us franchise has left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment, with many wondering which direction the story will take. While Naughty Dog has not made any official announcements about a third game, it is highly likely that they will continue the series, considering the success of the HBO series. Here are some possible directions that the next Last of Us game could explore.

The Origins of the Outbreak

One intriguing storyline could delve into the origins of the fungal outbreak. Players could witness the initial outbreak through the eyes of new characters or revisit familiar faces from the previous games. This storyline could act as a prequel, showing Joel’s life during the early years of the apocalypse and his descent into the dark anti-hero that fans admire. It could also shed light on scientific research, governmental responses, and moral dilemmas faced by various individuals, offering a fresh perspective on the post-apocalyptic world.

A Small, Isolated Community

Another direction could focus on a small, isolated community struggling to survive in the new world. This storyline could introduce players to new characters who have formed their own self-sustaining society, away from the larger factions and infected-infested areas. The game could explore the dynamics within the community, the challenges they face, and the lengths they go to protect their way of life. This storyline would provide an opportunity to delve into the intricacies of human nature and showcase the lengths people are willing to go for survival or compassion in a desolate world.

Continuing the Story of Ellie and Abby

Of course, the next Last of Us game could also continue the story of beloved characters like Ellie and Abby. The Last of Us: Part II left players with a bittersweet ending that emphasized the importance of moving on from the past. This potential sequel could serve as a fresh start for both Ellie and Abby as they strive to live a more peaceful life within their community. However, their newfound tranquility is shattered when a new external threat emerges. This game could explore profound themes of morality in an amoral world and the significance of learning from past mistakes.

Something New Entirely

Naughty Dog also has an opportunity to take a completely new direction for the story as a whole. The series has yet to explore the world outside the United States, leaving room for new narratives in places like the U.K. or France. For example, the franchise could transport players to a hauntingly beautiful but dilapidated Paris, France. The game could depict a city ravaged by both the fungal outbreak and the remnants of war, with players following the journey of a diverse group of survivors navigating its crumbling streets and underground catacombs. This European setting would offer a fresh perspective, infusing the game with Paris’s rich history and cultural landmarks.


While there is no official announcement of a third Last of Us game, it is highly anticipated by fans, especially after the success of the HBO series. The next installment could explore the origins of the outbreak, focus on a small, isolated community, continue the story of Ellie and Abby, or take a completely new direction in a different location. Regardless of the direction chosen, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this gripping and emotional franchise.


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