Possible Rewrite: Anticipated PS5 Update Could Potentially Extend Storage Capacity for Players

PS5 Update in the Works: Doubling Storage Space for Players

Heading 3: PlayStation 5 Beta Firmware Update Doubles SSD Storage Capacity

A new PlayStation 5 beta firmware update has been released, doubling the maximum capacity of the console’s SSD storage. The PS5 beta program, launched by Sony in June 2021, allows users to preview upcoming updates and provide feedback. Similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program, the PS5 beta program gives console owners early access to system software.

One of the benefits of the beta program is that users get to try out features that were missing when the PS5 was first launched. For example, beta testers had early access to the March update that added Discord chat functionality to the console. They also got to try out features like 1440p resolution support and Gamelists, which allow users to organize their game library into folders.

One highly anticipated feature that was missing at launch was M.2 SSD support. Beta users had the opportunity to preview this update before it was released to the public. Previously, the maximum capacity for M.2 SSDs on the PS5 was 4TB. However, the beta software build released on July 31 increases that storage limit to 8TB. This is a significant improvement for gamers who constantly struggle with limited storage space on their consoles.

Storage space has always been a concern for console users, especially as game sizes continue to grow. The PS5 comes with only 667GB of usable storage space out of the box, which is not enough for many gamers. Therefore, installing an M.2 SSD is one of the first tasks for new PS5 owners. While 4TB was already a substantial upgrade, the ability to increase storage to 8TB will effectively eliminate the need to constantly clear space for new games.

In comparison, the Xbox Series X/S allows for the addition of up to 2TB of storage, but the expansion options are limited to proprietary cards made by Seagate and Western Digital. Sony’s decision to open up PS5 storage expansion to any third-party M.2 SSD with a read speed of 5500 MB/s has been well-received by gamers. Not only does it keep the cost of storage relatively low, but it also ensures that the purchased storage will not become obsolete in the next console generation.

Overall, the PlayStation 5 beta firmware update that doubles the SSD storage capacity to 8TB is a welcome change for gamers who constantly struggle with limited storage space. The beta program provides users with the opportunity to preview upcoming updates and provide valuable feedback to Sony. With the ability to expand storage with third-party M.2 SSDs, the PS5 offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to the storage issue faced by many console gamers.


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