Poliwag Community Day Bonus Frustrates Pokemon GO Players

Pokemon GO Players Express Frustration over Missing Poliwag Community Day Bonus

Pokemon GO players are expressing their frustration after not receiving the promised Poliwag Community Day bonus. The event, which focuses on the Water-type Pokemon Poliwag, allows players to catch the Pokemon and take advantage of reduced item costs for a limited time. However, players have reported that the expected 50% reduction in Stardust while trading was not active during the event. Additionally, some players did not receive the additional Special Trade while participating in Community Day.

This issue is not the first time that Pokemon GO players have experienced missing event bonuses. Previous Community Day events have also faced similar problems, with players reporting missing event bonuses and login rewards. Many players are disappointed with Niantic’s lack of communication and the recurring issues with missing bonuses, reflecting poorly on the developer.

In order to rebuild goodwill with the Pokemon GO community, Niantic should address the situation quickly and offer compensation to players who were unable to take advantage of the promised bonuses. This will be beneficial for future events and updates, as well as help to fix substantial bugs within the game. The launch of the Routes feature earlier this year was plagued with problems, so addressing these issues is crucial for Niantic to maintain a positive relationship with players.

Overall, Pokemon GO players are frustrated with the missing Poliwag Community Day bonuses and Niantic’s lack of communication. It is important for Niantic to address these concerns and offer compensation to rebuild trust with the community.


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