Player in Tears of the Kingdom Constructs Amusing 18-Wheel Bicycle

Tears of the Kingdom: Player Constructs Hilarious 18-Wheel Bike

Heading 3: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Creates Impressive 18-Wheeled Bike for Navigation

In the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have been showcasing their creativity by designing unique vehicles to navigate the expansive maps. One player, known as Oohslaghe, recently shared a video of their creation: an 18-wheeled bike. This bike utilizes a stabilizer device to keep the wheels upright and allows for a relatively simple build process. However, it does have difficulty turning and is best suited for open areas.

The game features three distinct maps for players to explore: the islands in the sky, Hyrule, and the Depths. With a 60-hour adventure, it’s no surprise that players are looking for efficient ways to traverse these vast landscapes. Many videos can be found online showcasing various vehicles, including cars, planes, boats, hovercrafts, and air bikes. While most vehicles are designed for practical use, some players prioritize aesthetics and create vehicles that may not function perfectly but look cool.

The video posted by Oohslaghe begins with a close-up shot of Link riding what appears to be a regular bike through Hyrule. However, as the camera pulls back, it reveals the impressive 18-wheeler design. Despite its unconventional appearance, the stabilizer attached to the wheels keeps the bike upright. The stabilizer is a Zonai device that lifts other objects as it tips upward. When attached to a wheel, it ensures the wheel remains standing. By attaching a steering stick to the top of the stabilizer, the bike is fully functional. It’s worth noting that players can only fuse together up to 21 objects at once, preventing the creation of larger vehicles such as a 40-wheeler.

While the 18-wheeled bike looks cool, its practicality is limited. Oohslaghe mentioned in a comment that the bike struggles to turn. Turning the control stick in one direction for a few seconds only results in a five-degree turn. Therefore, this vehicle is best suited for open areas where maneuverability is not a significant concern.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch, providing players with a thrilling adventure. As demonstrated by Oohslaghe’s creation, players can unleash their creativity by creating unique vehicles to enhance their gameplay experience. From practical cars to outrageous designs like the 18-wheeled bike, Tears of the Kingdom offers players a vast array of possibilities for exploration and transportation.


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