Player Discovers Surprising Application for Mining Helmets in Fallout 4

The Amazing Discovery: Fallout 4 Player Unveils Unbelievable Application of Mining Helmets

Highlight: Mining Helmet’s Unique Spotlight Effect on Settlement Building in Fallout 4

Introduction to Settlement Building in Fallout 4

Settlement building was introduced in Fallout 4 and has since become a popular aspect of the game. Players have showcased their impressive settlements, utilizing both mods and the vanilla experience. However, there are still hidden techniques that many players are unaware of, even years after the game’s release.

The Discovery of the Mining Helmet Hack

One Fallout 4 player recently discovered a useful trick when it comes to settlement building. The player found that pairing a mining helmet with a mannequin in their Red Rocket settlement created a unique spotlight effect. The mining helmet, when placed on the mannequin, acts as a spotlight that illuminates the surrounding area. What makes this technique even more appealing is that the mining helmet does not require power, unlike other light sources in the game.

Customization Options

Not only does the mining helmet provide light without the need for power, but it can also be adjusted to different colors at an armor workbench. This customization allows players to match the color scheme or theme of their settlements. The helmet offers options such as blue, purple, and red.

Utilizing the Mining Helmet for Settlers

In addition to using the mining helmet for illuminating specific areas in settlements, players can also give the helmets to settlers. This further enhances the overall lighting of the settlements. While mining helmets can be found in various locations throughout the game, such as Scrap Palace and College Square Station, the majority can be found in locations like Dunwich Borers and Saugus Ironworks.

Possible Connection to Skyrim Mannequins

One Fallout 4 fan suggested that the mannequins in the game may be paralyzed NPCs that turn on the headlamp lights of the mining helmets. This similarity to Skyrim’s mannequins adds an intriguing element to the discovery.

Improving Fallout 4 Settlements

Since many of the famous Fallout 4 settlements do not currently incorporate the mining helmet technique, this discovery presents an opportunity for players to enhance their settlements. By adding the mining helmet as a source of lighting, players can improve the overall design and atmosphere of their settlements.


While the mining helmet may not be a highly sought-after item for players during their playthroughs of Fallout 4, its usefulness in settlement building should not be underestimated. By utilizing this unique spotlight effect, players can brighten up their settlements and add a distinct visual element to their designs. Whether it’s using the mining helmet on mannequins or equipping settlers with them, this simple trick can greatly enhance the overall experience of Fallout 4’s settlement building feature.


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