Mastering Guard Counters in Elden Ring

## Guard Countering in Elden Ring

Heading 3: Overview of Elden Ring’s Guard Counter Mechanic

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action RPG developed by FromSoftware, features a variety of combat mechanics aimed at making melee fighting and defensive gameplay more engaging. One of these mechanics is the Guard Counter, which allows defensive players to punish aggressive opponents and deal higher damage.

Similar to Sekiro’s Perfect Parry, the Guard Counter in Elden Ring does not require precise timing, making it more accessible to players. It provides defensive builds with a new tool to stay in the fight and retaliate against enemies. Rather than hiding behind a shield and attacking occasionally, players can now use the Guard Counter to actively punish opponents and keep the action going.

How the Guard Counter Works

The Guard Counter is a special attack that can be performed after defending with a Shield. It inflicts significantly more damage to an enemy’s posture than a regular Heavy Attack. Even weak enemies can be stunned with a well-timed Guard Counter, allowing players to initiate a Critical Hit and deal even more damage.

Maximizing the Guard Counter’s Potential

Using Shields with a higher Guard Boost value can maximize the efficiency of the Guard Counter by reducing Stamina consumption. Additionally, equipping the Barricade Shield Ash of War can further enhance blocking effectiveness, ensuring that players have sufficient Stamina for the Guard Counter. It’s important to lower the Shield in between enemy attacks to quickly recover Stamina for continued use of the Guard Counter.

Executing the Guard Counter

To perform a Guard Counter, players must first raise their Shield with the left shoulder button (L1) just before being hit by an enemy attack. As the attack lands on the Shield and depletes the Stamina bar, players should press the right trigger (R2). If done correctly, a distinct sound will play, and the character will retaliate with a unique animation, dealing significant damage to both the enemy’s HP and hidden posture meter.

The importance of staying in the fight

Unlike the Dark Souls series, where melee builds often involve strategically evading combat, Elden Ring encourages players to actively engage in the fight. The Guard Counter mechanic rewards players who choose to stay in the middle of the action, making it an essential part of melee builds.


The Guard Counter mechanic in Elden Ring introduces a new level of depth to defensive gameplay, allowing players to punish aggressive opponents and deal higher damage. By mastering the timing and execution of the Guard Counter, players can maximize their effectiveness in combat and enjoy a more dynamic and engaging experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding and utilizing the Guard Counter can greatly enhance your melee build in Elden Ring.


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