Loading Screen Issue in Baldur’s Gate 3 Resolved

## How to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Stuck on Loading Screen

Troubleshooting Methods for Baldur’s Gate 3 Stuck on Loading Screen

Having trouble with Baldur’s Gate 3 getting stuck on the loading screen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore the best troubleshooting methods to fix this issue and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Causes of Baldur’s Gate 3 Long Load Times

Before we delve into the solutions, let’s understand the common factors that cause Baldur’s Gate 3 to have a long load time or be stuck on the loading screen:

1. GPU driver problem: Incompatible or problematic graphics card drivers can be a reason why BG 3 gets stuck while loading.

2. Unsuitable settings: Improper in-game and Windows settings can contribute to the game taking an infinite amount of time to load.

3. Hardware limitations: If your PC doesn’t have powerful hardware, BG 3 may need extensive CPU and GPU power to operate normally, resulting in long load times.

4. Corrupted components: Problematic, corrupted, or missing game components can prevent the game from loading properly.

Methods to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Stuck on Loading Screen

Now that we understand the possible causes, let’s explore the troubleshooting methods in detail:

1. Switch between DirectX 11 and Vulkan:
– Launch Baldur’s Gate 3 and click on the settings (gear icon) next to the Play button.
– Select DirectX 11 and relaunch the game.

2. Update the graphics driver:
– Install the latest driver for your graphics card. You can do this by pressing Win + X, going to Device Manager, expanding Display adapters, right-clicking on the graphics driver, and selecting Update driver.
– Use Outbyte Driver Updater for conveniently obtaining the most appropriate version of the latest GPU driver.

3. Disable battery mode and tweak graphics preferences:
– Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I on the keyboard.
– Go to System, then Power, and enable Best Performance mode.
– Go to System, click on Display, navigate to Graphics, select Baldur’s Gate 3, enable High Performance, and click Save.
– Restart Windows to apply the changes.

4. Disable the in-game overlay:
– Launch Steam and go to Settings.
– In the In-game tab, uncheck Enable the Steam overlay while in-game and click OK.
– Similarly, disable overlay features from other apps like GeForce Experience.
– Relaunch the game to see if the issue persists.

5. Delete saved game files:
– Open File Explorer and navigate to the Documents folder.
– Go to My Games, then Baldur’s Gate 3 folder, and delete all its contents.
– Run Baldur’s Gate 3 and check if the loading screen freeze issue is resolved.

Additional Methods:

If the above methods don’t solve the problem, you can try these additional methods:

– Repair common disk problems.
– Run the game in clean boot mode.
– Check for Windows updates and install any available ones, including the optional updates.
– Reinstall the game as a last resort.

Ensure that your PC meets the system requirements for Baldur’s Gate 3. If necessary, consider upgrading your hardware. If you still face issues, feel free to contact us for support.


By following the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, you can fix Baldur’s Gate 3 getting stuck on the loading screen issue. Remember to keep your GPU drivers up to date and optimize your PC’s performance with tools like Outbyte Driver Updater for an enhanced gaming experience.


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