Lessons Tera Raids Can Teach Pokemon GO’s Gym Raids: Insights from Scarlet and Violet

What Pokemon GO’s Gym Raids Can Learn From Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raids

Title: Improvements to Gym Raids in Pokemon GO: Learning from Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Since its introduction in 2017, the combat system in Gym Raids in Pokemon GO has seen minimal changes. However, the combat mechanics in Pokemon GO can benefit from the advancements seen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raids. By introducing features such as cheering and callouts, Niantic could enhance the battle mechanics in Pokemon GO’s Gym Raids.

Improving Combat Mechanics: Learning from Tera Raids

Pokemon GO’s combat system has remained largely unchanged, despite the introduction of Mega Raids and Shadow Raids. However, the Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have refined raid battles by incorporating new features beyond brute force attacks. Niantic has the opportunity to implement similar improvements in its Gym Raids by learning from the lessons already learned by Scarlet and Violet.

Cheers During Pokemon Raids: Strategic Benefits

In Tera Raids, players have the option to cheer instead of performing a Pokemon move. This action has priority over other moves and provides beneficial effects to the player and their teammates’ Pokemon. These effects include stat boosts, the cure of status conditions, and HP recovery. By strategically using cheers, players can overcome the need for overwhelming numbers and effectively take down Raid Pokemon. Although some benefits of cheering may not be replicated exactly in Pokemon GO, Niantic could adopt elements such as stat boosts and HP healing to enhance the Gym Raids experience.

Callouts During Pokemon Raids: Interactive Communication

Tera Raids also introduced callouts, which allowed players to choose from four generic phrases to communicate with each other. While these callouts did not directly interact with the raid itself, they served as a form of player-to-player communication, similar to gestures in games like Dark Souls. Implementing callouts in Pokemon GO could create an opportunity for players to connect during raids, similar to the use of postcards and stickers between in-game friends. Alternatively, callouts could be used to directly interact with Raid Pokemon in Pokemon GO. By distracting Raid Pokemon and gaining their attention, callouts could enhance raid strategies, allowing certain Pokemon to withstand damage, while others sweep the raid.


The combat system in Gym Raids in Pokemon GO is in need of an upgrade. By drawing inspiration from the Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Niantic can introduce new features such as cheering and callouts to enhance the battle mechanics in Pokemon GO. Cheering could provide players with strategic benefits, such as stat boosts and HP recovery, while callouts could be used to interact with Raid Pokemon and refine raid strategies. By incorporating these improvements, Niantic can create a more engaging and dynamic Gym Raid experience in Pokemon GO.


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