Improving the First Game: 8 Subtle Enhancements in the Sequel

8 Small Ways The Sequel Outshined the First Game

Title: Remnant 2: Improvements and New Features Enhance Player Experience

Heading 3: Unlimited Stamina Outside of Combat

Remnant 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, introduces numerous improvements and new features that enhance the player’s experience. One significant change is the implementation of unlimited stamina outside of combat. In the previous game, players had to manage their stamina while exploring, which often led to frustration. However, in Remnant 2, players can freely sprint without worrying about stamina consumption as long as they are not in combat.

Heading 3: Focus on Engaging Boss Fights

Another notable improvement in Remnant 2 is the focus on creating engaging and varied boss fights. While the first game relied heavily on wave survival mechanics, the sequel introduces specific gimmicks for bosses, resulting in more dynamic and challenging encounters. This shift in design offers players a more immersive and satisfying boss battle experience. Examples of this new design mentality can be seen in bosses like the Corrupter/Pan Guardian in Yaesha and the Labyrinth Sentinel.

Heading 3: Increased Replayability and Secretive Content

Remnant: From the Ashes was praised for its replayability, with different Random Events and hidden puzzles to uncover. Remnant 2 builds upon this by offering even more content to discover and complex puzzles to solve. The game rewards players with unique and secret content, enhancing its replayability factor. The Archon Archetype secret and unlock method are prime examples of the improved puzzles in the sequel.

Heading 3: Introducing the Handler Archetype

In response to player feedback, Remnant 2 introduces the Handler Archetype, which allows players to have a dog companion throughout their journey. This addition caters to players who enjoyed the summoner playstyle in the first game. The sequel further expands on the summon-based playstyle, making it more viable and powerful.

Heading 3: Removal of Armor Set Bonuses

One change that has been well-received by players is the removal of Set Bonuses from Armor in Remnant 2. While Armor Sets still exist, players are no longer restricted to using a specific set for a particular build. This change allows players to focus on fashion and build customization, similar to the “Fashion Souls” concept seen in other Soulslike games.

Heading 3: Improved NPC Interactions

NPCs in Remnant 2 have undergone significant improvements. They now have a more tangible impact on the story events and feel more alive compared to their counterparts in Remnant: From the Ashes. The developers have also made small changes to the NPCs, such as showing signs of aging, adding depth to their characters. Additionally, players can gather information about the major events of the previous game by conversing with the NPCs in Ward 13.

Heading 3: Enhanced Player Builds with Archetypes

Remnant 2 introduces the Archetype system, providing players with more identity and complexity when building their character. The system allows for dual-archetype builds, increased freedom in armor selection, and additional layers of build complexity with Mutators. This improvement adds depth and versatility to player builds, making them more unique and customizable.

Heading 3: Changes to Scrap Farming Mechanics

In Remnant: From the Ashes, players could farm Scrap by breaking numerous objects scattered throughout the maps. However, this system led to easy grinding, with players repetitively smashing pots for resources. Remnant 2 addresses this by decreasing the availability of Scrap from breakable objects, encouraging players to obtain it through engaging with enemies and bosses instead.

In conclusion, Remnant 2 surpasses its predecessor by introducing various improvements and new features. The game offers unlimited stamina outside of combat, more engaging boss fights, increased replayability through secrets and puzzles, and the introduction of the Handler Archetype. Players can also enjoy improved NPC interactions, enhanced player builds with Archetypes, and changes to the Scrap farming mechanics. Remnant 2 offers an immersive and satisfying experience for fans of the Soulslike genre.


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