How To Beat Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

Defeating Okumura in Persona 5 Royal: A Strategy Guide

In this section, we will provide tips and strategies on how to beat Okumura, the fifth Palace Ruler, in Persona 5 Royal.

How to beat Okumura – know the enemy’s abilities

Learn about the upgraded Palaces and new boss fight phases in Persona 5 Royal. Understand the challenge posed by Okumura, who now has a timer counting down, and a defeat within 30 minutes will result in an instant game over.

Recommended Level and Confidants

Discover the ideal level and Confidant progression to make the battle against Okumura easier. Being around level 44 and having certain Confidants maxed out or at beneficial levels can significantly impact your success.

Best Persona and Team Composition

Understand the best set-up to face Okumura. Bring a Persona with Dekaja to remove enemy buffs and consider using characters with Ma- Abilities that hit all enemies. Recommended team compositions and skills are provided.

Persona Learns at This Level
Sarasvati 52
Orobas Already has upon fusion.
Raphael Already has upon fusion.
Anzu 28
Flauros Already has upon fusion.
Succubus 10
Obariyon 12
Shiki-Ouji 21
Kumbhanda 45

Useful Items and Equipment

Ensure you have the right items and equipment to aid you in the battle against Okumura.

Leverage Confidants’ Abilities

Learn how certain Confidants’ abilities, such as Hifumi’s Togo System and Maruki’s Detox X, can be advantageous in the fight against Okumura.

Remember, success in defeating Okumura requires careful planning, utilizing the right skills, and leveraging your team’s strengths effectively. Good luck!

Item Description Location Price Requirements
Baptismal Water Works the same as Dekaja (removes all buffs on enemies). Kanda 1,000 Only available on Sundays
Kajaclear-R Will remove all stat buffs placed on one enemy. Takemi Clinic 1,900 Rank 5 of Death Confidant
Kundaclear-R Will remove all stat debuffs for one ally. Takemi Clinic 1,900 Rank 5 of Death Confidant
Alert Capsule Cures Dizzy/Forget/Sleep/Hunger for one ally. Takemi Clinic 800 (400 discount) N/A
Hunger Gem Nulls Hunger. Tsurukame Diamond (Shibuya Mall) 80,000 N/A
SP Adhesive 3 Restores SP every turn. Takemi Clinic 100,000


Persona 5 Royal: How to Beat Okumura FAQs

What is Okumura’s difficulty spike in Persona 5 Royal?

In Persona 5 Royal, Okumura’s boss fight has become more challenging with a timer counting down. If players can’t defeat him within 30 minutes, they’ll face an instant game over.

What level should I be to face Okumura?

It is recommended to be around level 44 before sending the calling card to Okumura’s Palace.

How can I make Okumura’s battle easier?

Maxing out or having certain Confidants at beneficial levels, possessing Skills that remove enemy buffs, and curing status ailments are essential to ease the battle against Okumura.

What are the best Personas to bring for the fight?

Consider bringing a Persona with Dekaja to remove enemy buffs and characters with Ma- Abilities that hit all enemies.

What Confidants’ abilities can be helpful in the Okumura fight?

Hifumi’s Togo System and Maruki’s Detox X are beneficial abilities that can assist in the battle against Okumura.


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