Honoring One of Gaming’s Most Sacred Traditions: Remnant 2

The Legacy of Gaming's Sacred Traditions: Honoring One in Remnant 2 | A Cult Hit with an Active Community and a Culture of Secret-Sharing

Remnant 2, developed by Gunfire Games, has emerged as a surprise hit, doubling the player count of its predecessor, Remnant: From The Ashes, in just under a week. The game’s addictive blend of co-op shooter and Soulslike gameplay has captivated players, but it is the active and vocal community that has truly set it apart. With a dedicated following reminiscent of pre-internet gaming, Remnant 2 has inspired players to decipher its lore and uncover its secrets, leading to a culture of secret-sharing and community formation.

Decoding Secrets and Archetypes

Players familiar with Remnant: From The Ashes on PC were known to datamine secrets hidden within the game’s code. Gunfire Games recognized this trend and deliberately hid instructions for unlocking Remnant 2’s secret Archon archetype in files that had to be datamined. This approach, along with concealing other classes and desirable items behind secrets and hints, has fostered the sharing of secrets and tips within the community. In this way, Remnant 2 has evoked the nostalgia of pre-internet gaming, where players relied on obscure methods to uncover hidden rewards.

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Reviving an Age-Old Tradition

Remnant 2’s esoteric lore and intricate secrets have reignited the age-old tradition of sharing secrets among gamers. While the internet has made communication easier, players are immersing themselves in the game’s lore and secrets, seeking forums and collaborating with fellow players to uncover Remnant 2’s many mysteries. This blend of modern and nostalgic secret-sharing has been successful, showcasing the developers’ intent and adding to the game’s appeal.

Building a Community and Encouraging Collaboration

While it is not uncommon for massive co-op games with complex lore, such as Destiny, to have dedicated communities, Remnant 2’s current popularity offers hope for other titles seeking to build similar communities. In an era of toxic online gaming culture, the presence of a dedicated group of players who come together to share secrets and help each other is refreshing. The developers’ deliberate design choices and the game’s constantly expanding content ensure that the Remnant 2 community will remain active and supportive.

The Road Ahead

The discovery of the hidden Archon class is just the beginning of Remnant 2’s secrets. With potentially dozens, if not hundreds, of other mysteries waiting to be unveiled in the coming weeks and months, the game shows no signs of slowing down. Gunfire Games has stated that there is over 400 hours worth of content in Remnant 2, ensuring that both long-time players and newcomers will find a welcoming and active community ready to assist them.

Remnant 2 has emerged as a surprise hit, garnering significant player numbers and a dedicated following. Its addictive gameplay, combining elements of co-op shooters and Soulslike games, has captivated players. However, it is the game’s active and vocal community that truly sets it apart. By fostering a culture of secret-sharing and community formation, Remnant 2 has revived the age-old tradition of deciphering secrets and unlocking rewards. With a bright future ahead, the game promises a wealth of additional secrets and a supportive community ready to explore and share its discoveries.


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