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Heroes Fusion in AFK Arena

The concept of AFK Arena heroes fusion is like Dragon Ball Z if you have seen it. However, it is just an idea and not related to the actual game. The idea is for making the game more creative and adventurous.

What if the heroes of two different factions fuse and create a new hero with better abilities and power? The hybrid hero will have traits from both ancestors.

But keep in mind, that the fusion should make practical sense. The heroes going to fuse must be from the same class and same tier level as in Dragon Ball Z.

AFK Heroes Fusion

For example, the fusion of Thoran (A Graveborn) and Brutus (A Mauler) can be imagined as both are from the same Tank class and Ascended Tier. You can imagine how this combination will introduce an adventure in the game.

Estrilda an Ascended Lightbearer Warrior

Similarly, the combination of Antandra (Ascended Mauler Warrior) and Estrilda (Ascended Light-bearer Warrior). These fusions can make the game more and more adventurous and interesting for the players. These examples of hybridization are practical and make sense.

Ascended Tier and Tank

These fusions will be disastrous if really apply to the game. Hope so you are going in an exciting mood about this idea. Just imagine and have a look in the game if you are playing with these hybrid well-equipped heroes. You can also give examples of your favorite combinations in the comment section.

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