How does GS Auto Clicker work?

How does GS Auto Clicker work? 2023

GS Auto Clicker is a software program that automates mouse clicks on a computer. It works by simulating mouse clicks based on the settings you provide. Here’s a general overview of how GS Auto Clicker works:

Configuration: When you open GS Auto Clicker, you’ll see options to configure the click settings. These include the click interval, the type of click (left, right, or middle), and the click point (position on the screen where the clicks should occur).

Click Interval: You can set the time interval between each click. This interval determines how frequently the auto clicker will simulate a mouse click. For example, if you set the interval to 100 milliseconds, it will click every 100 milliseconds.

Click Point: GS Auto Clicker allows you to specify the position on the screen where the clicks should occur. You can manually input the X and Y coordinates or use the built-in capture feature to select a target area.

Starting the Auto Clicker: Once you have configured the click settings, you can start the auto clicker by clicking on the “Start” button or using the associated hotkey (default is F7). GS Auto Clicker will then begin clicking at the specified coordinates at the defined interval.

Stopping the Auto Clicker: To stop the auto clicker, you can click on the “Stop” button or use the associated hotkey (default is F8). This will halt the clicking process.

It’s important to note that GS Auto Clicker requires an active window or program to be open for the clicks to occur. If you minimize or switch to another application, GS Auto Clicker will stop functioning.

Remember to use GS Auto Clicker responsibly and within the allowed boundaries of the software or game you are using it with.

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