Can GS Auto Clicker click on specific coordinates?

Can GS Auto Clicker click on specific coordinates?

GS Auto Clicker is primarily designed for Windows operating systems and is not natively compatible with Mac or Linux. However, there are alternative auto clicker programs available for Mac and Linux platforms.

For Mac users, you can consider using automation tools like Automator or AppleScript, which are built-in features in macOS. These tools allow you to create custom scripts or workflows that can automate tasks, including mouse clicking.

For Linux users, there are several auto clicker options available that are compatible with Linux distributions. Some popular choices include AutoKey, Xdotool, and Sikuli.

When using alternative auto clickers or automation tools, it’s essential to review their documentation and ensure they are compatible with your specific operating system version. Always download software from trusted sources and exercise caution when installing any third-party applications.

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