Game Requires 8 Minor Tweaks

Eight Small Fixes The Game Needs

Eight Small Fixes The Game Needs


General Co-Op Stability & Bugfixes

Remnant 2, which was launched on July 25th, 2023, has some general issues that need fixing. These include occasional disconnects, connection issues, and dodge timing delays in multiplayer mode. The developers at Gunfire Games are expected to address these issues.

Lack of In-Game Communication

Similar to the first game, Remnant 2 does not have text or voice chat options for players to communicate with each other. This can make certain situations challenging, such as warning each other about boss patterns or coordinating actions during gameplay.

Inventory Sorting System

As players gather more items in Remnant 2, navigating through inventory becomes tedious without a filtering and sorting system. This system would allow players to easily find specific items based on their effects or the order in which they were obtained.

Performance Issues and Upscaling Concerns

Remnant 2 is made in Unreal Engine 5, and the developers may still be inexperienced with optimizing the game for performance. Players have experienced some performance issues on both console and PC versions. Additionally, the game is designed for upscaling, which may limit the visual fidelity for players without high-end hardware.

NPCs in Ward 13 With Memory Loss

After using Adventure Mode or joining a random lobby, players may experience repeat conversations with NPCs in Ward 13. This can be frustrating, especially with NPCs who have a lot to say before displaying their shops.

Trait Point Cap

One major complaint about Remnant 2 is the 60 Trait Point Cap, which limits players to only maxing out 6 Traits. This restriction may feel too limiting, especially on higher difficulty levels.

Lack of Pause Function in Offline Mode

Players do not have the ability to pause the game in offline mode, which can be inconvenient for PC players. Console players can use their system’s pause function, but PC players do not have this luxury without additional software.

Overall, Remnant 2 has some general issues that need to be addressed, such as stability and bugfixes in multiplayer mode, lack of in-game communication options, the need for an inventory sorting system, performance issues, NPC dialogue bugs, Trait Point limitations, and the lack of a pause function in offline mode. Despite these issues, the game has received praise for its Archetype Skills and Relic Perks. Hopefully, the developers will address these concerns in future updates to improve the overall player experience.


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