Fortnite ‘Waiting in queue’ | How to fix

How to fix 'waiting in queue' error, such an annoying screen that every Fortnite player hates!

Fortnite update for Chapter 4, Season 2 generated immense hype among players, leading to an overwhelming number of login attempts once the update went live. As a result, many players encountered the ‘Waiting in Queue‘ message, experiencing a bottleneck as the servers tried to accommodate the surge in demand.

Understanding the ‘Waiting in Queue’ Message

The ‘waiting in queue’ message in Fortnite appears when the servers are overloaded due to the high volume of players attempting to log in simultaneously. To avoid server crashes, this queue system is implemented as a safeguard.

Possible Causes of the Queue Error

In addition to player congestion, server-side issues might also contribute to the ‘Waiting in Queue’ message. The Fortnite Status Twitter account acknowledged that they were actively working on resolving such problems, indicating that server-related issues could be a factor.


While facing the ‘Waiting in Queue’ message, players need to be patient as they await a resolution from the developers. Epic Games is likely to address any ongoing server issues affecting the Fortnite experience. To stay informed about the current server status, players can refer to the Epic Games status page for updates.

Experiencing the ‘Waiting in Queue’ message in Fortnite is a common occurrence during peak times of intense player activity. By understanding the possible reasons behind this issue and keeping an eye on official announcements, players can patiently await the resolution of server-related problems, allowing them to dive back into the game as soon as possible.

FAQs about ‘Waiting in Queue’ in Fortnite

1. What does the ‘Waiting in Queue’ message in Fortnite mean?

The ‘Waiting in Queue’ message in Fortnite appears when there is a high number of players trying to log into the game simultaneously, causing server congestion. It serves as a protective measure to prevent server crashes.

2. Why am I encountering the ‘Waiting in Queue’ message?

The ‘Waiting in Queue’ message occurs due to the overwhelming number of login attempts during peak times, creating a bottleneck on the servers. Additionally, server-side issues may also contribute to this queue error.

3. Is there anything I can do to fix the ‘Waiting in Queue’ issue?

Unfortunately, there is no immediate fix for the ‘Waiting in Queue’ problem. Players need to be patient and wait for the developers to resolve any server-related issues. Keep an eye on official updates for more information.

4. How long will I have to wait in the queue?

The duration of the queue wait time can vary depending on the number of players trying to log in. It is best to be patient and allow the developers to address the server issues to expedite the process.

5. Where can I get updates about the Fortnite server status?

For the latest information on the Fortnite server status, you can refer to the Epic Games status page. This official resource will provide updates on any ongoing server-related problems and their resolutions.


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