Fixing the Matchmaking Issue in the Fallen Dynasty of Wo Long

**Troubleshooting Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Matchmaking Issues: Solutions and Fixes**

Fixing Matchmaking Not Working in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Proven Solutions


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an online game that allows players to team up and play together. However, some players have been experiencing issues with the matchmaking feature, either struggling to find anyone to play with or encountering errors when trying to join a co-op match. This article will provide proven solutions to fix the matchmaking not working problem in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Possible Causes of Matchmaking Not Working

There are several factors that could contribute to the matchmaking not working problem in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. These include:

1. Gaming Region: The game may have region-based matchmaking, and if you are in a region with a low player population, it may be difficult to find matches.

2. Internet Connection and Restrictions: Your internet connection and any network restrictions imposed by your ISP or firewall settings could interfere with matchmaking.

3. NAT-Related Issues: Since Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a peer-to-peer game, issues with your Network Address Translation (NAT) settings could prevent successful matchmaking.

Proven Solutions to Matchmaking Not Working

To resolve the matchmaking not working problem in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, try the following proven solutions:

1. Change NAT Type:

– Press the Windows key + R and type “cmd” in the Run dialog box. Press Enter.
– In the command prompt window, type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
– Note down the address next to Default Gateway.
– Open a web browser and enter the address. This may require a username and password.
– Navigate to the advanced settings and activate the Enable UPnP option, if available.

2. Enable Network Discovery:

– Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC.
– Click on Network and Internet, then navigate to Network and Sharing Center.
– Click on Change advanced sharing settings in the left pane.
– Find the Network Discovery section and turn it on.

3. Add the Game to Exceptions:

– Open Windows Defender Firewall by typing “firewall” in the Start menu search box.
– Click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” in the left panel.
– Click the “Change settings” button and adjust your options.
– If Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is not on the list, click “Allow another app” and browse for the WoLong.exe file.
– Check both the Private and Public options for WoLong.exe and click OK to save changes.

4. Clear Game Cache Files:

– If you are using Steam, launch the Steam client and go to the Steam menu.
– Select Settings and click on the Downloads tab.
– Click on “Clear Download Cache” and confirm.
– Log back into Steam and launch Wo Long Fallen Dynasty to see if the problem is resolved.


To ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, it is crucial to address the matchmaking not working problem. By following the proven solutions mentioned above, such as changing NAT type, enabling network discovery, adding the game to exceptions, and clearing game cache files, players should be able to resolve the issue and find matches or co-op partners. Good luck with your gaming adventures!


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