First Six Zone Names for Sonic Superstars Unveiled by Sega

## Sega Unveils the First Six Zone Names for Sonic Superstars

Sega has revealed the names and details of the first six Zones in the upcoming game Sonic Superstars. This 2D platformer focuses on co-op multiplayer action and introduces brand-new Zones with familiar themes and unique twists. The game features diverse Zones like Bridge Island, Speed Jungle, Sky Temple, Pinball Carnival, Lagoon City, Sand Sanctuary, Press Factory, and Golden Capital. Sega addresses the complaint of reused level aesthetics by offering original Zones in Sonic Superstars.

Sonic Superstars aims to capture the spirit of the Genesis days of the Sonic franchise, similar to the 2017 game Sonic Mania. However, Sonic Superstars differentiates itself from Sonic Mania by emphasizing co-op multiplayer platforming action and introducing new Zones. Many fans have criticized recent Sonic games for relying too much on familiar level aesthetics and designs. Sega acknowledges this feedback and ensures that all the Zones in Sonic Superstars will be completely new and original.

In Sonic Superstars, players will traverse a brand-new island, which provides a perfect opportunity for the development of all-new stages. While iconic Zones like Green Hill and Chemical Plant will not appear in the game, some stages will feature similar themes and aesthetics, but with a different twist. For example, the first zone, Bridge Island Zone, resembles the first level zones from past 2D Sonic games but takes place on a beach instead of a grassy plain. The Acts within each zone also introduce changes in environmental atmosphere, such as transitioning from daytime to sunset.

The first six Zones in Sonic Superstars are as follows:

1. Bridge Island Zone
2. Speed Jungle Zone
3. Sky Temple Zone
4. Pinball Carnival Zone
5. Lagoon City Zone
6. Sand Sanctuary Zone

After Bridge Island, players will encounter Speed Jungle, where they can use vines to grind and access different areas. Sky Temple Zone draws inspiration from Sky Sanctuary and Windy Valley and offers a single long level lasting about nine minutes. Pinball Carnival takes players to a classic Casino-inspired Sonic level, while Lagoon City represents the traditional Water level where the Chaos Emerald Water power shines. Sand Sanctuary is a desert level with its own unique challenges.

Two additional levels have been revealed: Press Factory and Golden Capital Zone. Press Factory appears to be one of Eggman’s bases, filled with robots and rickety areas. Golden Capital Zone resembles a castle with lava traps underneath.

Sonic Superstars is set to launch in Fall 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Sega’s commitment to introducing new Zones and addressing fan feedback promises an exciting and fresh experience for Sonic fans.


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