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FastKeys and similar apps can help improve efficiency by launching other programs with one touch from a designated, easily-accessible location. FastKeys not only execute applications, but also opens files, folders, and Web sites, run scripts, fills in forms and data fields, and automates mouse actions and keystrokes– all based on your personalized menu. With FastKeys, you can automate any task that would normally require a mouse or keyboard. You can also create custom abbreviations for automating text strings using the Text Expander feature. When you type in the two-letter abbreviation, the complete text will be expanded.

With a fifteen-day free trial and ads only during that time, followed by an affordable one-time fee, there’s no reason not to try out FastKeys. The potential it has to save you time is worth more than the small investment required. Version 1.10 of FastKeys builds upon earlier versions with new preset commands, additional user settings possibilities, and other improvements perfect for anyone who wants to be faster and more efficient on their computer.

FastKeys is an innovative program that streamlines your commands by giving you a customizable menu to access all of your frequently used programs with just a few clicks. Once FastKeys is turned on, it remains hidden until you pause the cursor on the upper screen edge to bring up the menu, or click a system tray icon. The Menu button gives you straightforward access to some of the most popular Web sites, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as Yahoo! and Gmail. You can also use FastKeys to quickly access My Documents, desktop connections, wireless networks, and other frequently used items.

We have the ability to drag a small digital clock display around our desktop by clicking “Show/Hide Clock.” FastKeys also gives us expedited access to Microsoft Office, System, Applications, and Power submenus. The default Menu entries are only meant as starting point: we can completely customize our Start Menu entries according to setting Shortcuts and managing the Text Expander tool in Settings.

FastKeys is a productivity powerhouse, and we were able to access various applications from its menu with ease. If you’re looking for a time-saving solution, FastKeys is definitely worth considering.

In Version 4.21, The Following are new features:

  • Import text from AutoText.
  • We’ve made it easier than ever to use multiple monitors with our new and improved support.
  • The most recent translations can be found here.
  • A few small improvements.
  • Bugs are fixed.

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A macro gamer is a pre-programmed command that helps you input data more quickly. Gamers use macro keys to refer to individual keys on gaming mice and keyboards. Macro keys are a set of buttons that can be repeatedly pushed to execute the same operation.

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