Exploring the Wonders of Touch of Magic Items

“What Are Touch of Magic Items” (Heading 2: Exploring the Enchantment of Touch of Magic Items)

Customization Options in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players a wide range of customization options to make their gaming experience unique and personalized. Almost every in-game object, including trees, landscapes, and houses, can be rearranged and placed in the desired location. Players can also unlock additional rooms for their house by using Star Coins, which can then be decorated according to their preferences.

Customization with Touch of Magic

One of the key features in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Touch of Magic tool, which allows players to customize furniture and clothing items in detail. Initially, these items are presented as plain, white versions. To customize them, players need to navigate to the Wardrobe or Furniture menu and select the ‘Customize’ option represented by a paintbrush icon.

Inside the Touch of Magic tool, players can apply various unlockable graphics called Motifs and choose from a selection of colors and textures. This enables them to create entirely unique styles for clothing and furniture items. Items customized with the Touch of Magic tool are categorized as Touch of Magic items, similar to the regular in-game traits or styles.

DreamSnaps Feature and Limitations

One of the latest features added to Disney Dreamlight Valley is DreamSnaps, a weekly photography competition where players can submit in-game photos that fulfill specific criteria and themes. Other players then vote for their favorite shots. However, there are some constraints regarding the use of Touch of Magic items in the competition.

To have their photos accepted into the DreamSnaps competition, players need to equip items from certain categories and traits. It is important to note that customized furniture or clothing items modified with the Touch of Magic tool are not permissible in the submitted photos. This means that even if these items are not visible in the shot, players may still receive notifications stating their inability to submit photos due to the presence of Touch of Magic items.

Addressing the Issue

The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley are aware of the confusion and concern expressed by players regarding the DreamSnaps feature and its restrictions on Touch of Magic items. They are actively working on finding a solution to this problem. In the meantime, players are advised to ensure that any photos submitted for the weekly DreamSnaps challenge do not include any items modified with the Touch of Magic tool.

It is likely that the developers are taking a stance against allowing customized items in DreamSnaps to prevent any potentially inappropriate user-generated content and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for the game community.


Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players can enjoy the vast customization options and create their own unique experiences in the game.


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