Exploring the Sea: Director Delves into Excitement and Thrills

## Uncovering the ‘Fun and Adventure’ of the Sea with the Director

**Heading 3: Dave the Diver: A Humorous and Adventurous Indie Game**

Dave the Diver, an indie game released in 2023, has been hailed as one of the best indie games of the year so far. The game follows the life of Dave, a deep sea diver by day and sushi restaurant worker by night. Despite his inability to refuse requests, Dave embarks on a journey of personal growth with his friends. In a recent interview, the director of Dave the Diver, Jaeho Hwang, discussed the studio’s journey in creating their first-ever single-player game for Steam and explored the aspects that resonate with players.

Jaeho Hwang described Dave as a laid-back and friendly character who is lazy yet optimistic. Dave’s greatest strength lies in his strong work ethic and his inability to refuse requests. As the game progresses, Dave’s character grows, taking on larger and more complex issues, and experiencing personal growth and deepening friendships along the way. This journey and growth are what resonates most with players.

The tone of Dave the Diver is humorous and light-hearted, especially in its cutscenes. The director, Jaeho Hwang, explained that the studio chose this approach to create a sense of fun and adventure in a game set in the sea. The pixel art style of the game adds a unique quirkiness to the overall experience.

The depths that Dave explores in the game are referred to as the “Blue Hole.” Hwang explained that the idea came from a documentary he saw about a deep hole in the sea with its own ecosystem. The mysterious and fascinating nature of the Blue Hole made it the perfect material for the game. Additionally, the confined space of the Blue Hole worked well for the development team’s purposes.

Dave the Diver combines adventure, RPG, and management elements. Hwang shared that the initial idea came from a Japanese pub near the sea, where fish caught in the morning were served in the evening. This concept inspired the team to create a game that mixed management with adventure. The RPG elements were added as the game developed, driven by the likable characters and a desire to develop their stories further.

The game has received praise from players, especially older gamers who appreciate the nostalgic elements. However, there have also been criticisms, such as issues with key binding, which the development team addressed during the Early Access period. The team is open to feedback and suggestions from the community to improve the game further.

The success of Dave the Diver has exceeded the expectations of the MINTROCKET studio. Despite areas that still needed refinement during Early Access, the new story content and missions added after that phase were well-received. The studio plans to continue listening to user feedback, polishing the game, and adding additional content.

The ‘secret’ to Dave the Diver’s success, according to Hwang, lies in the development team’s unique approach, combining genres in a distinctive way and continuously adding innovative elements. The sincere advice and feedback received from the community during the Early Access period also played a crucial role in the game’s positive reception.

Regarding future plans for Dave the Diver, the studio does not have any significant changes in the development schedule. They are currently focused on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes based on user feedback. However, they do plan to add new content and are open to collaborations or crossovers with other games.

A Switch version of Dave the Diver is scheduled for release later this year. The studio is currently optimizing the game and addressing performance issues on the Switch. They also plan to enhance the UI for better compatibility and incorporate features like vibration feedback.

In conclusion, Dave the Diver is a humorous and adventurous indie game that follows the journey of Dave, a deep sea diver. The game’s unique mix of genres, humorous tone, and likable characters have resonated with players. The success of the game has surpassed expectations, and the studio plans to continue improving and adding new content based on user feedback.


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