Exploring Every Ending: A Comprehensive Guide

Discovering Every Ending and How to Obtain Them

Persona 4 Golden is a lengthy game with multiple possible endings, requiring players to carefully plan their gameplay to achieve the best outcome. The game includes a new character named Marie and additional content compared to the original PlayStation 2 version. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest JRPGs of all time.

The story of Persona 4 Golden takes place in the small town of Inaba, where players try to solve the mystery of a series of murders. The game is filled with twists and turns that keep players engaged until the end. There are a total of seven different endings: four bad endings, two good endings, and the best ending known as the “Golden Ending.”

The bad endings include the “Kill Namatame Ending,” where the player chooses to throw Namatame into the television, resulting in the death of Nanako and Teddie leaving; the “Hand Namatame Over to the Police Ending,” where Namatame is handed over to the police but the deaths of Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi remain a mystery; the “Can’t Figure Out the Real Killer Ending,” where the player fails to identify the true culprit, leading to the same outcome as handing Namatame over to the police; and the “Accomplice Ending,” where the player correctly identifies the killer but covers it up and leaves Inaba with Adachi.

The good endings include the “Normal Ending,” where the player identifies Adachi as the true killer and tells the party, resulting in the murders being stopped but leaving some mysteries unsolved; and the “True Ending,” where the player defeats Adachi, refuses to leave Inaba, and uncovers the true ending through various interactions and events.

To achieve the best ending, known as the “Golden Ending,” players must fulfill the conditions of the True Ending and have maxed out Marie’s Social Link before December 24. This unlocks an additional portion of the true ending and reveals another secret boss in the game.

Persona 4 Golden is considered the definitive version of the game, offering improvements and additions that enhance the overall experience. It is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

In conclusion, Persona 4 Golden is a critically acclaimed JRPG with multiple endings that require careful planning and exploration to achieve the best outcome. The game offers a rich storyline, memorable characters, and additional content compared to the original version. It is a must-play for fans of the genre.


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