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**Solution for Low Level Fatal Error in ARK: Survival Evolved**

ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular open-world game that offers players the opportunity to explore, fight, and survive in a dynamic environment. However, many gamers have reported encountering a low level fatal error while playing the game. This error can be frustrating and may lead to crashes and poor performance. In this article, we will discuss some quick fixes you can apply to resolve the low level fatal error and enhance your gaming experience.

**Causes of Low Level Fatal Error**

The low level fatal error in ARK: Survival Evolved is typically a graphical issue that occurs when your computer GPU is unable to load the game. This can result in game crashes and disruptions in gameplay. Some possible causes of this error include conflicting graphics settings, outdated graphics drivers, and compromised game files. It is also important to note that administrative privileges are crucial for optimal gaming performance.

**Quick Fixes for Low Level Fatal Error**

To fix the low level fatal error in ARK: Survival Evolved, there are several proven fixes and troubleshooting tips you can try. The following solutions have been found to be effective:

1. **Update Graphics Drivers**: An outdated graphics driver can often be the cause of the low level fatal error. To resolve this issue, you should keep your drivers updated. You can do this by opening the Device Manager, selecting the Display adapter, and updating the GPU driver. Alternatively, you can use a driver updater tool like Outbyte Driver Updater to automatically search and install the required driver.

2. **Adjust Graphics Settings**: Optimizing your Windows graphics settings can significantly improve the performance of ARK: Survival Evolved. Open the Control Panel, go to System, click on Advanced system settings, and then select the Settings button under the Performance section. Check the “Adjust for best performance” option and save the changes before launching the game.

3. **Run in Compatibility Mode**: Running the game in compatibility mode has been reported to resolve the low level fatal error for many players. To do this, close ARK, right-click on ShooterGame.exe in the installation directory, select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” option. Choose Windows 8 from the dropdown menu, save the changes, restart your PC, and launch the game.

4. **Disable Game Optimization**: If you are using a memory optimization or game boosting application, it may be causing conflicts and leading to the low level fatal error. Disable any such applications, particularly if you are using NVIDIA. Open GeForce Experience, click on the Gear icon, go to the Games tab, and uncheck the “Automatically optimize newly added game” option. Save the changes, restart your PC, and launch the game.


Experiencing low level fatal error and other crashing issues in ARK: Survival Evolved can be frustrating. However, by following the proven solutions and troubleshooting methods discussed in this article, you can optimize your gaming experience. Remember to update your graphics drivers, adjust graphics settings, run the game in compatibility mode if needed, and disable game optimization applications. By taking these steps, you can resolve the low level fatal error and enjoy a seamless gaming experience in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you encounter any further issues, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.


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