Elex 2 Trophies/Achievements Trophy Guide

Elex 2 Trophies/Achievements Trophy Guide

Certainly! Here’s a guide to help you unlock various trophies/achievements in Elex 2:

Master of Elex: Unlock all other trophies/achievements in the game. This will require completing all other tasks listed below.

Hero of the Hybrid: Complete the main storyline of Elex 2.

Guardian of the Free People: Complete all side quests in Elex 2.

Fire in the Hole: Detonate 50 explosive barrels. Refer to the previous guide I provided for more details.

Expert Marksman: Achieve 50 headshots using ranged weapons. Focus on improving your aim and accuracy to accomplish this.

Master of Melee: Defeat 100 enemies using melee weapons. Utilize various melee weapons and combat techniques to take down enemies.

Master of Magic: Defeat 50 enemies using magic abilities. Make use of your Psionic or other magical abilities to defeat foes.

Survivalist: Eat 50 different food items in the game. Explore the world and gather various food items to fulfill this requirement.

Locksmith: Successfully pick 25 locks. Equip lockpicks and search for locked containers or doors to practice your lockpicking skills.

Treasure Hunter: Find and open 25 hidden stashes. Keep an eye out for hidden locations and search thoroughly to uncover these stashes.

Friend of the Animals: Befriend 10 animals in the game. Interact with and help animals throughout your journey to earn their trust.

Legendary Alchemist: Craft 25 different potions. Gather the necessary ingredients and experiment with alchemy to create various potions.

Legendary Chef: Cook 25 different recipes. Discover recipe books, gather ingredients, and cook a wide variety of dishes to achieve this.

Speed Demon: Drive a vehicle at maximum speed for a total of 1000 minutes. Make use of vehicles and drive as fast as you can to accumulate the required time.

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